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I’d like to give you an imagination of how refreshing , views from Iten are, how that cold chill numbs my feet despite the warm socks I try fit in, how that fresh air is so golden to this weary body and how that wild silence sends you back in time to the old village traditional living. Watching sunsets from a rock or trying to figure out what exactly is that smoking in the horizon yet the only thing between you and that orange skyline is continuous rugged hills humbling down to a stretching floor filled with green splendor , this is not your usual wild sweep from reality for a few minutes.

This is one of the shortest posts I’ve ever done and I hope it is the last about Iten. I had an inside voice screaming to me so hard not to do this post but the photos from this specific time were too charming ?? and before I get more reasons why I shouldn’t share, I jumped on to do this, so let’s assume you’ve never read any other post on Iten from me.

I’ve talked about what to do in Kerio Valley before HERE and shared a Hike on the same Escarpment HERE that was Torok Falls.

This specific region of Elgeyo Marakwet has 3 waterfalls and 2 weeks ago Courtesy of Edmund Rice Camps –Eldoret, (A charity organization focusing on child protection and mentorship that am a part of), we did a hike on the second falls.

The Kessup Falls.

This is the first fall if you are driving from Eldoret through Iten, slightly past the Kerio View point before you get to Tambach. Unlike Torok you are not able to view it from the Tarmac road but there’s a small sign by the road.

This specific hike was lighter and easier than the Torok hike, so if you are up for a small exercise and activity I’d say this is perfect. By easier I mean it’s only approximately 2 hours maximum depending on your speed. It has a narrower trail, more slippery rocks and more bush though. It’s also easier to get to the falls and the magical views are rewarding and worthwhile.

That was only 350 words short. Hahaha

Thank you for stopping by.

Love & Love.

Enjoy the green Photos ??

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