Being one of Africa’s greatest capitals, The “Green City in the sun” is a clear definition of urbanization in Africa yet still trying to integrate conservation and environmental protection. It wouldn’t compete with Rwanda’s Kigali over being spotless though, Or South Africa’s Johannesburg over infrastructure, Cape Town over tourism or Lagos over infrastructural beauty but still Nairobi is the icon of both financial and political prominence. Whether it’s the museums, cultural centers, art galleries and  being the only capital city with a massive national park and  home to a tribe that is in itself a major tourist attraction  there’s not a doubt to it being the City of adventure.

If you happen to have a break in between your flights, or a stop over to errands in other African countries or even a two day holiday in the city you have quite a number of breathtaking sites to see.

1. Share your Breakfast with Giraffes at the Giraffe Manor.

If you thought waking up to Moaning Lions and a sunrise over lush plains was magic, what about kissing a giraffe or having one stretch its neck into a massive open window next to you and pick up apples from your fruit basket at your breakfast table then go on picking and picking like it’s just usual business for it to feed with you. The Giraffe centre just outside Karen gives you the chance to   interact and feed the endangered Rothschild Giraffe in a way you’ll not find elsewhere in the world. You can also feed them from a raised platform and let them lick pellets from your hand.

2. Cycle Hiking at Karura Forest.

Up for a minor hike, not so much into the intensive walks but ready to have a good time in an Urban but still Natural Forest, breath in some good fresh air and enjoy the cool breeze then Karura is your place. Cycle or walk and end up in Amazing waterfalls or caves surrounded by lush vegetation, mist and utmost silence.

3. Game driving at Nairobi National Park.

Any Adventure has Safari in it, whether your Safari definition is a long bumpy road trip or getting stuck in some bush mud somewhere or chasing after Rhinos in the wilderness, but what would be better than a National park just 5km away from the Capital City centre or just 2Km from an International airport with extensive golden plains horizoned by an amazing backdrop of skyscrapers in a seemingly far away yet so near city iced by roaming Lions ready to pounce on an Impala.

4. Nairobi Safari Walk.

Off Langata Road at KWS headquarters, An extension of Nairobi national park awaits you for a chilled out afternoon, walk around nature trails and have a chance to be the closest you can get to a Cheetah that wont unleash its adrenaline on you and other wild animals in holding pens that provide you with basic information on each while introducing you to the varied natural environment. This would be a starter pack for any African safari you intend to indulge in.

5. Go Dancing at Bomas of Kenya.

 Raw animal skin, layers of beads, and some metal pieces to spice up your cultural Kenyan dance. 42-Tribe Rich culture and history of food, way of life and tools all brought together from the old age into a homestead “BOMA” is just a few Kms away from the City.

6. Feed a Baby Elephant at David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust.

Grab a big feeder bottle of milk and feed it to an orphaned baby elephant and just like that you’ve saved a life. The Sheldrick trust is home to orphaned elephants and rhinos  due to poaching and  it’s so heartwarming to see how emotional these babies are, and if you get attached to one you can adopt one support it till its old enough to fend for itself when its transferred to  Tsavo  National Park.

7. Karen Blixen Museum & Cottages.

Danish, “Karen Blixen” flew all the way to live here, and a film: “Out of Africa” was created as a result of it. Why would you want to miss out on an African book turned movie come to life. A colonial masterpiece stands out on expansive beautiful gardens.

8. Nairobi National Museum.

 It’s your first trip to Kenya and you would like to know one or two things about the High jumping Maasai, rich history and Kenyan culture and there is no better place than the National museum. Wind that up by startling snakes to raise your heart beat a bit and you are ready to head down to the Mara to whatever it presents. You can also pass by the Railway Museum for an ancient development journey back in time.

9. Ride an Ostrich at Ostrich farm but Don’t Feed a Crocodile at Mamba village.

 🙂 As funny as that sounds, yea; go ride an ostrich and enjoy grilled ostrich wings at the Ostrich farm. Or head over to crocodile farm, ride a boat but don’t try feeding crocodiles unless you want to be the feed. Feed the ostriches and giraffes instead then head over for lunch at their amazing bands.

10. SHOP and PLAY.

Shop for African inspired and beaded souvenirs at the Maasai, Kenyatta or City markets, Paintball at Rolf’s place also one of the places with the ‘Coolest rusty rope bridges ever  J “if there’s such a description”.  Cool of the Sun city heat by being swindled and poured into a cool pool at Splash Water World or get thrilled jumping on high suspended ropes fastened, and if you are not already tired of your winter weather ”Assuming you flew in from winter” then go try out  ice skating at Panari. End your day  Dining at the amazing restaurants which will blow your mind away with  artistic  décor with an African touch or bring out you hidden carnivorous spirit on a  roasted steak at Carnivore then  Down your favorite African drink , “rather Kenyan beer” at one of the Ever alive City clubs and head over to the Mara.

Is it time for your flight yet? 🙂 I thought so.

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