We could hear whistles and a distant humming sound from miles away as we drove along the winding path marveling at the green canopy of trees. This had been a foggy, drizzling and cold morning and we were not sure if our hunting spree would be worth it.

We had asked for directions more than 8 times now till we resolved to only ask school kids we came across; “The Ugandan school uniforms look so bad by the way.”  Our trust for strangers had been broken way earlier (read my next post), but then two of the people we asked for direction  told us we couldn’t find the waterfall as it is far and in a remote area and we were totally crushed. Eh!

Discouraged but determined we kept driving on, I had read about the falls on Google anyway and I was sure they existed. There’s no way Google can lie, “Right? “ Haha! I always do Google map search before I embark on any trip.

We finally saw a signpost to the falls and this was it, we finally made it “Mama”.

The humming sound changed to more of rumbling as we got closer. A Breath of fresh air and chirping birds were our welcome sign. We arrive at a small gate “made of barbed wire and posts” and this Ugandan masculine guy greats us in Kiganda.

Well its either there’s no way a Kenyan can find this place or Africans are not tourists, but I excuse his ignorance, we also do this in Kenya, “assume every black person knows Swahili.” Anyway can’t he read our number plate, “thinking  to self.” I answer back in English, ask a few questions, pay our entrance fees and then he lets us in.

We walk down the edge of the rocks to the river, luckily the sun comes out. The rays hit over the smooth liquid silver pouring and flowing down the rocks.

The gem-blue water was swishing over the rocks throwing up bubbles of spray.  The rustling leaves  wave gently  to the magical river and birds fly over the river to the trees ‘singing’ and ‘dancing’ for the art of God. “Pure Bliss”

I’ve never seen a perfectly beautiful scenery like this before. For a moment I lost words. There are quite a number of waterfalls in the river as it flows down. The waterfall is actually made up of the river flowing down a continuous series of rocks.

This is the Longest River in the world at 6,650Kms and Runs from Uganda through 9 other countries. And Uganda being the Source of it, the energy portrayed by the Nile water here is amazing.

“OK” Let’s get back to the fun bit of it.

I take off my shoes, Sit on a rock and dip my legs in the freezing water and just gaze at the ambience while taking in the fresh air (*Perfect relief*) after a tiresome morning drive.

There are quite a number of birds to view and listen to and they’ve formed a home on a tree in the river.

So I sit there watching and try throwing stones at them, but am not a sharp shooter, all my stones end up in the water making the coolest  “shubluu” splash  sound and this turns out to be a stone skipping game which is usually  a lot of fun.

Our tour guide then offers to take us on a boat ride to see the other waterfalls. I help him push the boat into the water and we start paddling upstream.

“I Didn’t know paddling  a boat is that hard, leave alone doing it upstream against the flow of water, I actually sweat, but  “What a man can do a woman can do 10 times better, and I got muscles.” Haha! After one hour enjoying the boat ride he takes us to see the waterfall divers.

Eh! Some People have death wishes my friend, (Wait until you hear my Bungee jumping story on my next post). Jumping from a cliff into the waterfall and being washed down by the waterfall to like 100 meters downstream, the divers show off their skills. This is actually quite interesting for adrenaline junkies.

Diving in a pool scares me enough but diving into a waterfall is just something else. I didn’t even take a good photo of this as I was shaking and couldn’t even fully look at someone sign a death wish that way.

After diving three times, they then take us to a settled river section which acts as a pool where people can swim. At this point I get so jealous when everyone else jumps in the water, “By now u all know I can’t swim”. They even forget they didn’t have swimming costumes. All I can do is take photos of them and answer their phone calls. Too much for fun, “I know right?” “*Sulks*”

After two hours of swimming and playing water games we have to leave.  Hey, i hadn’t taken breakfast by the way, “Am remembering this now” I buy some bananas from a local to hold my stomach at least because it’s a long rough drive back to Jinja. On our way out we come across the famous Ugandan ‘Ankole’ cows and we just have to stop and take a picture, I’ve only seen them at the Nairobi showground before anyway.

We had spent a total of 5 hours at Itanda and by the time i left, I knew some Kiganda “which I’ve already forgotten” Ha!. I have tried to write about my trip to Uganda severally but every time I try I fail on how to express myself, so am sorry this article has come late. But hey!, Look out for two more posts on my Ugandan trip.  Well they say a place is the most beautiful until you see another.

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Love and Love

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