On the Shores of the largest Fresh water Lake in Africa, Lake Victoria, Sitting about 2 Kms from Kisumu CBD, this quiet and hidden treasure is a lake-shore walk with Impalas as the name suggests. Home to free ranging and captive wild animals, swampy night grazing for hippopotamus and a variety of flora and diverse bird species this sanctuary is a wild nature haven that is part of Sights & Sounds from Kisumu.


Main Attractions: The free ranging wildlife, Animal orphanage also home to the Big 5, Quiet picnic sites (named; Impala, Albizia, Baboon, Sunset, Fig tree and Simba), Lake Victoria Views and Hippo Views. Open to picnics, Camping, Boat rides, Bird watching, game viewing and even corporate events and weddings.

After Taking in all the Lake’s scenic views at Dunga Bay  I decided to check out Impala Park and take some alone time to reflect before I head back to my town. I turned this walk more into a photo shoot of myself and it would be funny if you saw how in 10 seconds I’d set the timer then run to the other side to be the object of capture.

Arrival inside the park is marked by some jumpy Impalas or strutting zebras who welcome you to the walk that leads from an open  stone pavement with the animal cages on the right and lake on the left to a more quiet and endless lush green nature trail leading you all the way to the Safari lodge and  sundowner tower.

The Impalas, Endangered Sitatunga antelope, Zebras and Giraffes are free ranging while Maasai Lions, Cheetah, Leopard, Hyena, serval cats, buffalo, African Grey parrots and Vervet monkeys are cage captives. I can say KWS has done a good job taking care of these wild animals as they are noticeably bigger than their free ranging wild counterparts in parks.

Some of the animals here have been rescued by KWS from the wild and I was able to see a Wild hyena that had been rescued a week ago from some nearby Bondo village, it was still trying to adjust to being in a cage and was scared by any human presence nearby after it had received a thorough beating by villagers and still had fresh wounds on its head. Also On a small fee, a friendly guide and an adventurous spirit you can be let inside the cage to hold the friendly cheetah and take a selfie perhaps (For me, maybe next time ha-ha am not yet on a death wish.)


Open: Daily 6:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. and managed by KWS.

Entry: Charges are Kes 215 for Kenyan Adults only payable on Mpesa or Card, No Cash allowed.

 It’s a safari walk by foot not necessarily guided. There’s a parking zone for vehicles.

The Sanctuary also has camping sites and several picnic sites with a great view of the Lake and a great Sundowner tower overlooking the railway trail that is a perfect place to watch the sunset sink into the lake.

The Impala Eco Safari Lodge sits right in the sanctuary, is a 24 bed capacity lodge offering state of the art accommodation and meals. Also State lodge campsite offers a public campsite ground.

Image source: CasoLodge Travels

Impala is a must visit if you are in Kisumu. It is neighbor to Dunga Bay, Kiboko Bay Resort and even Hippo point. Take a stroll, cool from the breeze and enjoy the views and quietness away from the city.

Do you remember me saying how my friends are literally inhuman i had to stay away from them to avoid the birthday “washing” as they call it. Well I came back from Kisumu and for the love of food, and to be specific chicken, i found myself in the middle of it all and was literally dipped in cold everything. Do i need to mention how am star struck by this man i fell hard for who keeps surprising me by outdoing himself.

Thank you for stopping by.

Enjoy the photo shoot I turned this visit into.

🙂 🙂

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