Continuous Perfectly green rugged hills on hills, a majestic escarpment running for miles, gloriously looking down to Kerio valley, blessing it with a fountain of water  that is Torok falls, flowing down to bring life onto this untouched naturally varied landscape famously referred to as  “Home of Champions” is a rich scenery that is a secret well-kept to the locals.

  Some of the views

In partnership with Red Cross, Elgeyo Marakwet Branch , I got to finally do a hike I’ve been planning to do for the last so many months but wasn’t able to do alone. Also this is the first time I was able to do a hike without an aftermath of muscle pains. I’ll tell you how, but I think I need a clap first, right? 🙂 While I did a review on KERIO VALLEY DESTINATIONS and Torok was one of them, I was never really ready to do it by myself.  :-):-) Well, we all have some secret phobias.

Also, am not sure if at this point I should mention we left our snacks in the car and that’s the only negative I remember about the Torok hike. One hill up and we were super hungry and had to get some local tea from a local roadside kiosk and uji at the hilltop after the hike. Point is; always remember to pack your snack.


Wild Roamers is turning 1 and I can’t believe it’s almost one year now since we started this journey. It hasn’t been easy but it’s been worth it, (Check out the posts).  I wonder what ideas you have for our anniversary, but I know definitely an awesome trip would do. Reflecting back, I’ve come to really appreciate what any trip can do to your mind, body and soul while giving you some of the best lifetime memories and opening your heart to the world.


    Torok falls

On your way to Kabarnet from Iten via Tambach on your right side is a smoking and thundering massive waterfall that is part of 2 other nearby smaller waterfalls. The hike up to the fall takes approximately 3 hours depending on which of the 2 routes you take from the foot of the Kerio escarpment. You are able to navigate easily at the start and up to the falls via dense wet bushes and slippery rocks.  The hike involves getting to the falls then proceeding up the steeper escarpment to the source of the fall at the top or ignoring the source and taking the same long route as before and going back down with whichever route you prefer.

     More Views

Route 1:  Is the first route just after Tambach, has a less steep road, actually quite easy at first like a simple walk for like 2 hours before you start the hill climbing which takes like an hour and is more involving.

Route 2: Has a steeper route and is meant to be the real hike for fit people since you are continuously climbing the hills and escarpments all throughout the hike.

Route 3: This has to be the one for anyone who’s interested in seeing the fall but cannot hike. It involves starting at the top of the escarpment then descending down to the fall. You can then opt to descend down the escarpments after the waterfall, down to the road or you can take the route back up the escarpment to your starting point.

   Hiking trail

Ensure you take the right hike route so you don’t end up on the smaller waterfall that is Kessup.


Good hiking shoes with a good grip because of the slippery rocks. At some point you’ll even have to crawl on the rocks.

Glucose water, (Drinking water with a mix of glucose is my secret weapon to hiking. A few sips and it keeps you energized all through the hike)

Rain gear:  If you get to the waterfall, it’s typically splashing rain and with a wet atmosphere you get all soaked up.

Some snacks. (You know what happens when you get hungry.)

A tour guide is optional, because you can find your way. Like we found our way though we asked for direction once near the fall.

  Some of the Escarpment views

HIKING TRICK: If you do enough exercise a few days before the hike and immediately after the hike then your body adjusts and you will not feel the muscle pains after the hike.

Practice makes perfect

Plan to do the Torok hike with other Kerio valley site visits to make your trip to Iten worthy.  

Check out some of the ACTIVITIES you can engage in while in Iten.

Accommodation: There are quite a number of good hotels around Eldoret that are available for your overnight stay and camping.

Transport: There are Kabarnet Vehicles getting to the starting point of the hike or at a Centre up on the escarpment after the hike. You can also engage a safari company or car hire at an affordable cost.

And definitely you’ll need a few friends for the hike for support or you can organize a hike with some of the runners from here who practice on the route.

Don’t forget your camera to capture your views and memories but you’ll need a safe gear when you get near the fall due to the slippery rocks and the wet atmosphere.

Although what you really need is a good attitude and health to get all soaked up at the fall. 

🙂 🙂 Because if you can get wet and sweaty and still look this good then why not?

Join Turn Up Travel this December 1st to 3rd for this hike.

Love and Love 🙂

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