Scary One-off experiences out in the wild with a black rhino speed hitting your car, a failed attempt by a Lion to grab a gazelle’s neck but a successful  capture  by your lens , Complete with Expansive Golden savannas, hints of camouflaging carnivores, Lush tropical forests with swinging monkeys and gorillas, thundering waterfalls, Muddy game drives, adrenaline jumps, Rich Maasai culture or historical ancient life,What Inspires you? 🙂

Camera? Passport? Adrenaline? 🙂 Well the 2nd Largest and most ancient continent is quite a masterpiece of adventure, creativity, breathtaking views on amazing natural landscapes, rolling rivers and mountains, perfect weather and the most amazing safari experiences.



I had to start with my home country 🙂  because am definitely trying to be so patriotic and proud of my roots. Maasai Mara has to be one of the greatest National parks in Africa. With hungry roaming Lions trying to get lunch from the largest wildebeest population worldwide to nasty crocodiles grasping the necks of unlucky wildebeest  already trying to fight for their lives by looking for greener pastures on the other  border side  and making one of  the 7 Natural  Wonders of the world “The Great wildebeest migration”, so stunning.  No photo can capture the perfect moment of millions of thunderous hooves, dust clouds and majestic plunging into the cold water and struggle to swim across into The Serengeti Park alive. Dreamy campsites, sunset dinners, Morning drives, and waking up to the Big five is just a slice of all you have to experience.

Location Kenya: Visit: The Mara


Rainbows are the favorite thing to watch when the sun and rain are usually fighting over whose more powerful.  Change that into a “Moon bow “on the waterfall spray during a full moon, Showers from over 400metres rising spray, swishing water thundering down the gorges into the infinity  Devil’s pool and you can’t have anything more better from a waterfall than the feeling River Zambezi creates at this particular destination. It is best described by the Local name “Mosi-oa-Tunya”, meaning “smoke that thunders” but famous for the name Dr. Livingstone gave it after Queen Victoria.

Location: Zambia-Zimbabwe Border


While Rwanda boasts for one of the cleanest cities in the world that is KIGALI, because of its “ No Polythene” policies, which is a story for another day, it also offers one of the greatest jungle stories of all time. Armed with a zip lock, Backpack, waterproof boots and a drier weather around December to February or June to September you are sure of one of the best hikes of your lifetime. The Volcanoes National Park is one of the largest homes to families of beautiful silver-back Mountain gorillas. Humans share 98% of DNA with Gorillas and seeing the Gorillas smile back at you or even imitate you and portray their intelligence is melting.

Location: Rwanda


“Save the Best for the Last” and while that applies to South Africa  being the last country on the southern side of the African continent so does it  to the Table Mountains at the southern tip of the continent at the “Cape of Good Hope”offering  the best experience of any African city. Efficiently Set  with a table and wine there’s nothing more South Africa loves than the “friends” (tourists) who show up on their table to share what they have to offer.

A hike up the Table Mountains offers the best views to the Modern City and glittery water below. Furnished with cable cars you definitely have no excuse of not going up there if hiking is not in your system. Spice that up with Sun downers with friends and you are one of the millions of Friends of South Africa.



Call it the Red city in the desert, “Marrakech” with historic mosques, standing out minarets, palaces, beautiful gardens and very interesting markets, is one of its kind. A densely packed medina showcases its maze-like alleys that provide space for traditional piece markets while Food vendors and traditional street theatres full of performing musicians and storytellers at Djemma el Fna and snake charmers have you awed. Evening camel treks and desert tours showcase the nomadic traditional pre-Saharan life. Rich in traditional African culture. Marrakech gets you in touch with the Northern African culture sealed by henna painting at the town square.

Location: Morocco.


Standing out as one of the richest ancient countries with the most magnificent man-made structures in history portraying one of the most powerful ancient civilizations in the world. These monumental structures earlier constructed as tombs for Egyptian Pharaohs, ”Kings”  located just outside Cairo still stand out decades later and are now a major tourist attraction and sneak peek into the Egyptian culture. Also standing as a six storey building is a Lions body with a human head presumed to be that of a king and is also one monumental structure you shouldn’t miss. Well if you think these well preserved archeological sites, Temples like ‘Karnak’ and museums are not too exciting,  jump into a cruise down the Nile.

Location: Egypt


When you hear ‘ZANZIBAR’ , What comes to your mind?  African shaped women in bikinis, Right? Sucking some coloured drinks from colorful  curved straws, Right? Laid out on the white sand basking, Right?  You (The man)  trying to recollect your next move, Right?

I definitely would not forget to talk about a beach, with all its glory, pure white sand shimmering like diamonds and the calm deep blue waters competing with the clear blue skies to look more beautiful and that would definitely be Zanzibar Island. Off the Tanzanian Indian Ocean coast sits a lonely but not so quiet Island. The contrast factor is the Island being a major spice producer depends more on agriculture than tourism.  Yet still with beautiful coral reefs, diverse marine life, perfectly soft white sand it is a major quiet holiday destination and a diver’s magic haven. Not overlooking the presence of traditional African quiet coastal lifestyle this would be your perfect place to reflect.

Location: Zanzibar


A Fuscous brown barren sea of sand with little creatures sneaking and skittering across the golden sand into holes to avoid being roasted by the scorching sun is just a taste of the amazing Namib Desert.  Home to a variety of flora and fauna well adapted to the harsh desert conditions is the Naukluft Park that also portrays huge clay pans with crescents of beautiful huge sand dunes developed over millions of years.

That not being enough Namibia boasts of the 2ndlargest river Canyon in the world curving through the desert and the flowing Fish River providing life to a variety of wildlife while offering you a perfect trekking trail.

Location: Namibia


Three to five days hiking and camping on your way up to Lenana, Nelion or Batian  peak with every campsite more  freezing than then the last one  is no mean fete for the unfit if you want to tick off the second Highest mountain in Africa off your bucket list.

Juggling your way through dense forests and bamboo sticks, being woken up at 3 a.m. by singing birds, Camping at Lake Ellis, marveling at the landscape below and finally hitting the highest point you have such a rewarding experience from an ancient dormant strato-volcano shaped by glaciation.

Location: Kenya


With very close Free ranging families of elephants strolling through the open golden savannas  trumping out dust to scare predators  or blowing up water in the swamps to cool itself while threatening hippos , the vast foothills of Mt Kilimanjaro have one of the best National parks for a safari or camp.

With breathtaking views of  watching  the sunrise over Mt Kilimanjaro while the ice melts magically into the springs from the foothills or hiking up to watch the sunset over the plains  with a Lion trying to get its last meal from a gazelle that can’t keep up with the rest of its herd the experiences are so worth every penny.

Location: Tanzania, Kenya

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