Lake Victoria


Lonely quiet places sitting pretty in the middle of  endless  magical water,  breezed by cool winds blowing up wild hair and rustling palm leaves, opening up to sparkling sand on  pristine beaches  calling out your body for some sun tan, Islands are some of the most fascinating and  peaceful places to refresh your mind, holiday away or just re-establish your inner peace.

An island is a Perfect definition of getting lost somewhere in the middle of nowhere and it can never be more exotic than the peace and tranquility it brings to free your mind to wander away. It is freedom in pure bliss and magnificence.

Beautiful Island Destinations in Kenya

1. Lamu Archipelago

An old Swahili town that is far away from the mainland and bustles , resting quietly on the northern coast, sets you back to 14th century history, with great ancient architecture and cultural diversity that is a mix of Swahili, Portuguese, Turkish and  Arabic culture. It is a world of Ancient ruins and luxurious hotels outlining the sandy beaches and overlooking the sparkling turquoise ocean going  beyond the horizon. The Lamu Fort and Lamu festival are a masterpiece of all Lamu has to offer to any guest wanting a story from Lamu.

Image Source: Destination 360

Ancient Coral houses,  Little alley pathways for donkeys and no vehicles are what takes you back to the ancient and untouched beauty of this small historical town. Hop off a speed boat as you get to the island then hop onto a donkey cart to move around the quiet town as you take in the magical surrounding of white sandy beaches and endless ocean waves.


The luxurious dhow sails breathtakingly open you up to other surrounding and outrageously beautiful islands that are part of the archipelago.

Kiwayu Island which is part of Kiunga Marine National reserve presents you an opportunity aboard glass boats to see the rich marine life.

Manda Island which is the landing strip into Lamu offers great views to the ocean and magical sunset cruises

Pate Island is also a quiet beautiful island with pristine beaches.

2. Mfangano Island

The Largest fresh water lake in Africa shared by 3 countries hosts one of the most beautiful islands; Mfangano Island on the eastern section of Lake Victoria. This rocky island has magical rock art views and one of the best luxurious island resorts in the Lake. Lake Victoria offers magnificent sunset views and what surer way to take all this in than the sunset cruises around Mfangano which will take your breath away.

Image Source: Governors Camp

Also Nearby:

Rusinga Island famous for its political affiliations, one of the most fascinating fishing community and diverse rich Luo and Suba culture.It is a great place to experience the dreamy island life.  Best time to visit Rusinga is during the Rusinga Island festival in December.

Migingo Island is the infamous fishing mine that is highly on demand between the Kenyan and Ugandan government and which immerses you to local fishing communities.

Ndere Island hosts a National Park that is home to diverse birdlife and prowling monitor lizards. It offers you a great nature park tour that is refreshing from the Kisumu heat and hustle.

3. Wasini Island

Sitting on the lonely southern coast in Shimoni,  Wasini Island is magnetic due to its dolphin tours which are its main attraction at the Kisite Mpunguti national reserve. Aboard motor glass boats, cruising the coral island you get awed by the rich marine life with colorful fish hitting your boat’s glass bottom scaring your heart to skip a beat. Jumping out of the dhow sails to swim with the dolphins or just watch them splash into the air and fashionably swim in the crystal clear waters is a lifetime marine experience.

Image Source: Kifaru Tours

4. Mombasa Island

Mombasa city is the only Kenyan city on an island.  Accessible by Nyali Bridge, Makupa causeway and Likoni ferry on the south. It is a city that is rich in cultural diversity, breathtaking ocean views, magical sea waves, enticing sea food and spicy aroma, old Swahili and Portuguese architecture with a touch of classic Arabic, a busy sea port and a quiet and laidback Swahili lifestyle. It is the ideal beach city with numerous luxurious hotels, holiday resorts and fun activities to indulge in.

Also check out my experience on:  HOW TO EXPLORE MOMBASA TOWN and FORT JESUS

5. Chale Island

Pristine white sandy beaches lying out on the south coast of Kenya in Kwale county, clear turquoise water, a rich and lush green mangrove forest hanging over coral reefs is a magnet for migratory birds and sea life. Sitting quietly on this island is a luxurious hanging resort that is a perfect get away destination for honeymooners.

South coast is also predominant with mysteriously disappearing islands which pop up on low tide and lay as pretty sparkling sandy islands in the middle of ocean water and disappear on high tides.  Join a cruise for sunset dinners or some exotic lunch on these random islands.

6. Crescent Island

Lake Naivasha is thriving out of all the outrageously beautiful cottages and luxurious accommodation and campsites by this Great Rift Valley Lake.

Crescent Island hosts a game sanctuary that is home to free ranging wildlife that is accessible by a nature trail foot trip. It is accessible by both road via the sanctuary farm or by boat from Lake Naivasha. It has a great view to the lake and bird watching, a great spot to watch hippos from a distance and interact with cheeky monkeys. Also check out How to Explore NAIVASHA

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The spacious wide city streets, well outlined architecture, continuously flowing sweaty people quietly walking down the colonial shady verandahs, cool lake breeze whistling over trees and car hooting creating all the noise in a quiet lakeside port city is what defines Kisumu. Growing from Port Florence which was a terminal for Kenya Uganda railway, to a “SUMO” barter trade Centre, it is currently a Large Urban Lake City.

Having shared two other Kisumu posts you should read on:  Sights & Sounds of Kisumu and Trails of Impala Park and so as to highlight the other great and top destinations worth your time while in Kisumu for a trip or by coincidence I hope this post will sum up Kisumu’s natural, cultural and geographical diversity.

WHAT TO DO in Kisumu.


Catch a glimpse of fishermen up with the birds to drag the earliest catch to the shore. The sun rises from the land side which is east but sends amazing rays to the water and the views are breathtakingly magical. Dunga hill camp offers a camping site for any budget traveler with great scenic views of the lake. Kayaking and boat rides are a favorite activity here and local fisherman are willing to take you on a fishing trip to try out your lucky catch.  Also read about my experience in: Sights & Sounds from Kisumu.


Approximately 2 Kms from the CBD this Sanctuary provides a home to free ranging, captive wild animals and safe grazing zone for hippos from the densely populated Kisumu city. It is a quiet serene environment perfect for picnics and camping. Also read about it on: Trails of Impala Park.


Rays that boast of their golden glimmer throwing magical orange to the calm water swooshing over your feet and stretching all the way to the horizon to meet the sinking sun are captivating views of Lwang’ni or “Fly Centre” as locally called. Lwang’ni is famous for its famous sumptuous Luo dish that is fresh fish. Make sure to just indulge in some African Ugali fish meal on the temporary shades while overlooking the sunset because this is the ultimatum of being in Kisumu.


Image Source: Femme Hub

About 29 Kms west of Kisumu on your way to Bondo in Kangeso Village is the legendary or famous Approx. 80 ft.  Large Crying rock which is a Tor with 3 rocks lying on top of it passing for a heavily loaded crying woman. It is famed for Luo myths, cultural and religious significance around it. It has numerous small caves filled with religious activities as shrines and after hiking up on top of the rocks on a birds view the breathtaking views of The Lake, Rolling hills and plains and Kisumu City are rewarding.


Image Source: Smile each Moment

Exhibiting one of the largest UNESCO Luo traditional homesteads “Ber-gi-dala”, sitting on Kisumu-Kericho road, this museum showcases the traditional polygamous Luo homestead, the western Kenya culture and lifestyle. It is also home to a few reptile families and boasts of the largest Nile perch ever caught in Kenya.


HIPPO POINT sits on the south west side of Dunga and is a picnic site created from a site for viewing hippos. It is a camping site that also provides a fishing port to catch your fish for dinner while overlooking perfect sunset views.

KIBOKO BAY Resort is a Quiet wetland housing cottages sitting on perfectly mowed grass by night grazing hippos overlooking the lake and providing one of the most perfect sunset views. The mangrove forest, birdlife and boat rides are something to awe you in this quiet place


Walk in the wide quiet streets and SHOP for souvenirs. Hop on a boda boda (motorcycle) or a 3 wheeled auto rickshaw “tuk tuk”, (which are a perfect means of transport here, I noticed taxis are extravagantly expensive) and  Head over to OPEN FLEA MARKET  that is Kibuye market on Jomo Kenyatta Highway which is  a busy western agricultural produce market

Also head over to RIAT HILLS, one of the prime real estate investment areas and enjoy the quiet lake views from Kisumu suburbs.

Also if you are a party person Kisumu has a VIBRANT NIGHT LIFE with live bands, musical entertainments and dance shows all the way from Kisumu Signature Club to Mamboleo.

Planet media and Starflix CINEMAS on Mega City mall provide state of the art theatres for movie junkies.

As they locals clearly state: “Kisumu is a Lifestyle and you have to fit in”

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Hot and humid , 3rd largest Kenyan city  lies on the sloping shores of the largest fresh water lake in Africa, connected by regular local airline flights, road and linked by ferries from Kendu Bay, Homa bay and Mbita. Kisumu is not only a Port city but an urban diverse city full of cultural integration and scenic beauty.

Being a City that has been a core Centre for opposition politics in Kenya, Kisumu is an interestingly peaceful City that is on about business as usual. Every businessman from every part of the country goes on with their daily business routine while trying to escape the heat which is the only mean thing here.

I wanted to do a single post about what to do in Kisumu but I realized I can’t fit it all in a single post  because I have so many beautiful photos from my Kisumu birthday trip that I’d like to share with you. This year I chose Kisumu for my destination because I felt maybe it’s time to go back after 10 years and see what has changed in this old colonial, railway terminal city.


Arriving in Kisumu at 6:00 p.m. just in time to catch the sunset and satisfy my hunger for Lake Victoria sunsets and lakeside fish there was no better place than Lwang’ni Beach. I was afraid at on arrival because the clouds were really trying to challenge my mission, the sun was completely covered and there was no sign of a sunset. I still went Straight to the beach and hoped for an opening and at around 6:40 p.m. rays started to appear on the west side of the lake, the sun came out to show its last glamour for the day and my Camera has never been this amazed with sunset views.

I had forgotten about my hunger for a while, going all crazy with sunset photos n silhouettes. Arrival of our dinner brought me back to reality that the photos could never be enough. We sat down to catch Large plates of fish (my first ever biggest fish meal) while overlooking the last rays just before the sun sunk into the lake.

We then took a street walk before heading to cool the evening off and it’s noticeable how this city is quiet at night and with just countable people walking down the streets. One thing I Liked about Kisumu is the wide street space and lack of human congestion.


Up at 6:00 a.m. the next day on my Birthday and like the Bird I was born to be, I head over to the Lake to catch the sunrise. This time on the other lakeside at Dunga Beach. With the current weather already changed to a rainy season, the clouds trying so hard to compete with its rays and it rising from the Land side and not the lake side, the sun is not so appealing. There is also more of hyacinth action at this side of the lake which I was told that at times it clears and other times even covers a more wider area. Still the rays and sunrise views were amazing.

Dunga beach is full of life at this time; everyone with their part to play is here trying to catch the early worm not mesmerized or even noticing the sunrise. The fishermen are sailing their boats to go draw their fishing nets, hoping that the night was a lucky catch. The women are here waiting on the fishermen coming back to pick the best catch. It’s a quick and organized trade, with everyone having their own entrusted customer, I guess by who gives them a better deal. They are not friendly to photos though, so we just observe and only stick to sunrise photos.

The sun is totally up by 8:00 a.m. and most fishermen have sailed back by this time and even cleared their sale. We leave Dunga beach and walk towards another side of the lake at Dunga bay with more amazingly clear lake views.

We also find some of the women who’d already bought their catch on this other side specially cleaning the fish and paying attention to finer details before taking it to the market for consumers like us.

The Lake views from here are so breathtaking and for a moment I get lost staring and mesmerized at how magical this place is. The quietness and calmness sends some kind of peace down my soul and I could not have asked for a better way to turn 26.

I also found some really cute friend on the beach, i seem to have some good vibes with these beach dogs 🙂 🙂

Enjoy the Kisumu photos

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Ocean borne adventure full of adrenaline and thrill, skillful takes, random splashes that cool your sweating body, a Sea breeze that dries your face and leave you gasping for more air from the Old centuries Kenyan coast trade winds, raging rivers and calm lakes have all put Kenya on the map for some of the best Water sport activities.
With a full list of over and underwater, motorized and un-motorized water thrilling adventures let’s do away with swimming for today, everyone can swim apart from us with heavy legs right? What else do you expect when you head down to the beach or lakes?
Wind surfing, Surfing, Water skiing, Sailing, Kayaking, Jet skiing, Rafting, Canoeing, Rowing, Big game fishing, sport diving, snorkeling, scuba diving and trust the water sports list to be endless as long as you have an open mind and will.


Using a kayak to move across water for sports and fun or fitness work out purposes is one of the activities that require skill and are full of adrenaline rush. Tied on to a kayak and depending on your paddling skills to sway you against raging waves or calm water is a fulfilling task and adventure.
Savage Wilderness Riverside camp totally equipped with specialized services for first timers who would prefer calm flat waters or addicted kayakers who are more to the thrill on fast moving rapids and plunging into the rapid camp falls offers a worthwhile the experience.                                                                               More info:  Sagana Rapids
Lake Victoria with more calm waters is ideal for learners to learn boat control and basic strokes and rescue techniques, coupled up with fishing it is a thrilling adventure for a perfect sunrise adventure.

Photo source: Sand and sea watersports


I’d say this is exhilarating adrenaline pump is closest to sky diving. Getting accelerated by a fast moving boat that pulls your gliding self over the water surface is as fun as it looks when that water is swooshing over your body until you get that rope and ski and try skimming the surface then scream your lungs out. It provides limitless thrill and adventure.
The Majili’s Resort Lamu at the Ras Kitau bay and Takwa Mangrove creek. More info: Majilis Resort
Sand and Sea Water sports Diani


With a spectacular flat and calm beach, both south and north coast offer a great sporting opportunity for windsurfing and kite surfing due to its favorable wind conditions all year round. Offering a touch of both sailing and surfing controlled by wind movements its spectacular to just even watch experienced surfers make beautiful stunts and moves on the waves.
Whether you just want to enjoy the warm turquoise water or watch the waves swoosh over surfers with great skill and beautiful stunts these extreme sports is worth a try for everyone.
Where: The Kenyan coast has numerous surfing sites, the top rated ones are;
H2O Extreme Diani Beach Kenya, offers Kite surfing lessons affiliated with IKO, and is a top water sport Centre due to its safety standards and thrilling water sport experiences.  More info: H2O Extreme
Tribe Watersports Watamu also offers customized surfing experiences for the whole family for an amazing active beach experience.   More info: Tribe Watersports
Che Shale Kite surfing School Malindi, a prime kite surfing area on a golden beach in between palms.


Away from the ocean to the mainland, raging rivers offer a life thrilling adventure. Rafting expeditions on river Tana and Ewaso Ngiro expose you to varying rapids and white water that are a thrilling adventure to any soul looking for an off dry land activity. You can also test your kayaking skills here.
River trekking is more fun done in groups as it tests your teamwork and balance in rapidly moving water. It involves sliding, falling and swimming while trying to climb wet areas, navigation in water to the dry exit areas and your balance in rapid and calm water despite the weird objects your feet might feel in the water. The 2km walk is something you’ll remember in a lifetime.
Rapids Camp Sagana, water rafting on the rapids of river Tana offer you a relaxed afternoon calm water rafting varying all through to raging rapids (Class v) for a more adventurous side.  More info: Rapids Camp Sagana
Ewaso Ngiro River, White water rafting offers a more wild experience for interaction with herds of elephants and other wild animals on the river banks, complete with a night camp experience to end the day.

Photo source: Sagana Camp Rafting


Specially and simply built for a more laid back sailing experience, dhows have been around for many years for cruises, water movements and local fishing purposes. They offer a great tour to marine parks to enjoy the magnificence of marine life, to snorkel and dive in the deep waters or to just sway across the ocean to a hanging restaurant.
Mtwapa Creek: Offers tour services to enjoy the mangrove bays and coral reefs.
Kizingoni Beach, Lamu offers an overnight dhow safari to explore Kiwayu and Lamu archipelago.
Distant Relatives Kilifi


Strap on a mask to get in touch with the astounding marine life and untouched coral reefs below the Indian Ocean. As an endearing activity that needs you to snorkel deep under the calm blue waters of the endless ocean to enjoy the magnificence protected by lagoons snorkeling is a top water sport for many water lovers.
The Majili’s resort Lamu has daily motor boats and organized excursions complete with a lunch set up for an ultimate experience.  More info: Majilis Resort
Kisite Marine, Shimoni offers one of the most breathtaking snorkeling experiences with dolphins at Wasini Island.

Photo source: Diani sea resort


Hook a large sailfish, Marlin or tuna alongside your boat and boast a huge catch after sailing through deep waters and enticing dozens of fish species amid rapid waves. Deep sea fishing is a rewarding experience for any sailing adventure unless you just want to sail for fun and enjoy the view and ocean breeze from the laser boats.
Boats are well equipped with state of the art equipment for local operators and international full day charter clients and conservation is well taken care of with the tag and release program.
Where: Tudor Creek and Mtwapa creek


Jumping out of a boat that your life depends on into the deep endless sea is nerve wrecking and only for people who don’t even know what aqua phobia is or believe so much in their swimming expertise.
Diving off a hanging cliff or reef rocks close to the shore in Watamu give you one of the best exhilarating experiences, while diving into Nyulli reef in Shimoni offers you a chance to taste the strong tidal currents and drifts
Watamu Marine Park, With sheer wall reefs, fine drop offs and large corals the central turtle reef attracts colorful fish and sharks and is a breeding site for the green sea turtle which makes your dive here a world class dive.
Kisite Mpunguti, Shimoni is a rare 12 meters dive into bottle-nose dolphins, largest manta rays and spectacular coral.


Affixed onto a jet ski and racing over water trying to outdo an oncoming wave is one of the easiest and fun water sport activities. It is easy to learn and not so nerve wrecking. The thrill comes in the racing over a wave and spraying all that water behind you
Where: Diani Beach and Nyali Beach.


Photo source: Xtreme sports

Gliding across water on a surfboard is never the easy task but with great skill and learning meeting that oncoming wave and gliding across it on a surfboard or riding it back on a skim board is a rewarding experience. Malindi bay spot is ideal for body surfing and Shela Lamu. Although Kenya is not so ideal for body surfing due to the numerous reefs the adventure is worthwhile the experience in the few spots available.
H2O Extreme Diani Beach Kenya.   More info: H2O Extreme

 The Kenyan coast is a top rated tourist destination with a wide range of activities to do during your stay in Kenya. Water fun activities and sports is a must try for any adrenaline thrill.

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There’s a reason one of the most vibrant cities in Africa was given the name The Pearl of Africa’. I was in Kampala for the 2nd time 🙂  and to be honest just like i didn’t know its called The Pearl of Africa, I wasn’t so excited about this trip either, one because it was a repeat and two because I didn’t have so many to do’s. I actually didn’t even shop as much as the first time when I was here though that is the major reason I came back to the city. Then I started thinking why they even called it “The Pearl of Africa” after someone mentioned it.


Set out from Jinja at 5:00 a.m., motivated to be in Kampala by 7:00 a.m., Cold, half asleep, dark and chilly but no one was going to stop us. But then like in Nairobi you don’t know what to expect on the road and the Traffic had us in Kampala Town at 9:00 a.m. Am not even mentioning the Old taxi park yet.

We had a plan to visit the Martyrs shrine whose direction we started asking after navigating our way through traffic for two hours and unluckily we had left it way behind just before the start of traffic.  Dream killer I tell you.

And since there was no way we were going back , We decided to look for an option B which led us to Gaddafi mosque (read full story HERE) and it was such an amazing experience.

After coming back I decided to have a quick Review of Kampala must do’s for you not to miss out.


Located in Kampala hill just 2 Km from town is the outstanding 2nd largest mosque in Africa with a very rich history and culture you wouldn’t want to miss.


Located 15Km from Kampala or before Kampala  (that’s if you are driving from Jinja), in a place called Namugongo is a famous historical  shrine with a story about  the  growth of Ugandan Christianity and a memorial  of Ugandan martyrs who died for their faith.


Have you heard of Old Taxi Park in Kampala? CHAOS! is the word! While cars are not moving, every human is literally trying to move in-between congested shops to get a buy or deliver an item or two. It’s quite a hectic place and if you are in a group you just have to  consider subdividing  yourselves, agree on meeting point and time, otherwise you will come out alone not even knowing where the rest are.The Market is a good buy for literally anything especially clothes and shoes and am totally an addict for Jeans and dresses. Leave your phone in the car, hold your money and items safely and close and enjoy the hectic shopping experience.

There is also a craft market on Buganda road for gifts and African stuff if you need souvenirs. A collection of art pieces, jewelry, sculptures and even fabrics.


Located on Kikaya hill off the Gayaza road on the Northern bypass far outside town sits the only Baha’i temple in Africa with perfect lush scenery, singing birds and the Ugandan Baha’i faith story and maybe a little bit castle feel.


Nothing beats any UNESCO World Heritage site and the Kasubi tombs for disappeared (actually dead) Buganda Kings in terms of the story it offers is one perfect example.


Being Buganda Kingdom’s parliament and Lubiri being the Kabaka’s residence. These are statues that stand for the government and no one hates a photo with a “Whitehouse”. The Palace is on Mengo hill, one mile up from parliament.


MATOKE…!! I repeat MATOKE!  Kampala is the Banana city, HA! Okay not literally but there’s a point in being called the food city. The restaurants here have some good food at affordable prices and if you are a foodie take a break from French fries and have a taste of the African dishes. Am not a foodie though, hence no specific or unique recommendation. But! CHAPATI was my favorite and a single Ugandan Chapati knocks you down. I won’t even talk about the Rolex.


Am not sure but I think Uganda is one of those Landlocked African countries with a very large percent of water mass. Sharing the 2nd largest freshwater lake in the world with Kenya and being the source of the World’s 2nd Longest River you are presented with an opportunity to enjoy all kinds of Cruises, Sunset or Tilapia. You can take boat rides from Port Bell or canoes if you are up to the “Row your boat” challenge.


Music is art and art is a mental touch, feel and personal expression and live music is the Art. Ndere offers traditional dances and music and is a cultural Centre showcasing all Ugandan cultures from meals, to music and lifestyles on specific days (Wednesday, Friday and Sunday). Remember to book your place earlier.


Have you ever walked around in town looking for nothing specific or anything in particular, well me neither. But a number of times I’ve walked around all towns I’ve been to just to take in what the town offers, sight see, window shop and capture a few moments while staring at the monumental features and buildings.

This post is already long enough but I thought I could sneak in a few 2 things that you could do in Uganda not specifically in Kampala. Did you also notice and count the number of hills I’ve mentioned; well I hope you are not wandering away yet.


This has been on my bucket list but I need a better plan and more days. The best gorilla tours are on the western side of Uganda and need like a whole day to the forest.  It’s the ultimate primate experience, a jungle trek with a breathtaking rainforest. Bwindi Impenetrable National Park is the Ideal adventure.


Am not into National parks if they don’t have a unique experience and well every National Park has at least one. Murchison Falls, Ruwenzori Mountains, and Lake Mburo national Park look good in photos I’ve seen, HA!  And I wouldn’t miss to tell you that.

Or a take a drive down to Jinja, Bungee jump on the Nile, Visit the Source of the Nile, Boat ride at Itanda falls, Sunset cruise on Lake Victoria and Raft on the Nile.

There’s no reason you haven’t been to Uganda.

Love & Love 🙂

Credit to the photographers who took some of the photos.

Rippling over rocks, splashing and squeezing through gorges, curving gently around forests and lush green islands, gushing into waterfalls and calming into pools, the view of the River Nile is so breathtaking and more magical at sunset.

While Famous is one thing and Popular is another, I can’t really define what River Nile is apart from it’s the World’s Longest river at 6,650Kms and Runs from Uganda through 9 other countries, Via 4 main African cities and into the Mediterranean sea.  It is a major source of electricity production and a source of living to a very large population in all the countries it goes through. It is also a major tourist attraction in all the cities it goes through.

The Other main Reason for this trip apart from my Bungee jumping (next post) was to cruise at the famous Source of River Nile and capture amazing sun shots (if you’ve been reading by now you know am so into sunsets and rises) .

So, on one of the mornings, up early and set out for the day we headed out for breakfast. I don’t take tea; rather I generally hate hot drinks, so I ordered for Juice and a chapo (i always forget to take food pics, i should do this more in 2017). Ugandan Chapos are life, one chapo and you are down, actually this became my meal throughout my stay cause am not the person to experiment with foods and I’d found my perfect happy place.

We then headed out to Bujagali falls and ancestral site where we were given some history of River Nile and the Busoga Kingdom and culture. The falls here are now submerged due to a hydroelectric dam constructed, and are now the Bujagali Lake which is interspersed by Lush green tree covered islands.

After walking around the respected historical site we took a boat ride to see the cave where over 80 years old ‘Nabamba Budhaghali’ their spiritual leader, traditional healer and witchdoctor lives.

You can only access the cave via boat, one simple slide from the cave and you end up in water, and the water is quite deep here, don’t be fooled by these photos we took. We didn’t find him in the cave though, so we took a walk around then headed back to the shore.

We then drove off to the Source of River Nile which is  a few Kms from Jinja town like 10Km or less  I guess and unlike our previous Itanda falls search this was easy. We drive downhill and for a moment you think you might end up in water, as the road literally ends up in water.

The locals here are selling fresh fish, but we ask them to take us fishing with them. Unluckily it’s not fishing time but they agree to show us their fishing grounds and set ups. We then get on a boat to the source. (I lost count of boat rides I took in Uganda). Boat rides, Sunset cruises and Jet skiing there’s just too much playing with water in the Nile.

The source of the Nile is from an underground spring at the Neck of Lake Victoria, and with a Large signpost marked just before the lake there is no way you can miss it. You can actually clearly see the bubbles from the spring and difference in water movement from the spring and that from the lake. The spring contributes 30% of the water while the other 70% is from the lake and other sources.

There is a small hut constructed at the source where you can get out of the boat and have a view of the source and even walk around and take photos. We sailed the boat across the source and for a moment I thought, “what if we sink!” but hey you can’t and it’s quite an amazing experience.

We then sailed off to the fishing zones, and I’d never seen this fishing setup before. We came across several bird species and quite a huge number of kingfishers taking advantage of the laid fishing traps.

We also got to see a variety of bird species, and ooh! i learnt that these birds excretion can burn down a tree over time, because of  their fish consumption and concentrated uric acid and like cats if a large population of birds excrete over and over at the same place.

We also got to see the Ugandan Lake Victoria Port  and Power generation plant but we were not allowed to go near , (Did i ever tell you we were once caught taking photos near an airstrip  and the Ugandan police are not friendly). There are so many places you shouldn’t take photos; like the Nile bridge which upto now i think is so unfair.

Our next stop was at a recreational park at the shore of Lake Victoria. It is a small privately owned park just after the Source, perfect for a walk and view of the sun setting.

A walk around led us to see some wild animals in cages, Reptiles majorly (I feel like posting snakes but i’ll spare you the horror). Who else like me Loves those NatGeo animal horror  programmes that get your adrenaline high. Ha-ha!

We also got to learn more about the ugandan lifestyle and traditions, including their tools and structures.

By now the sun was setting and we were so lucky to witness the sun set over the source of the Nile and Lake Victoria. We then went to the restaurant had some fish and Proceeded back to Jinja.

Don’t forget to read my other Uganda escapades HERE and on my next and last post about Uganda.

Have you been to Jinja? What activities did you do and what was your experience? Leave a comment.


Love and Love.