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🙂 Like everyone else who lives in Nairobi, “Ticks Naivasha off bucket list” Who am I kidding, Not me really cause I’ve been here thrice now. I don’t get how people travel to just tick off destinations. Most of the places I’ve been to, I have gone back and got totally new and different experiences, or wish to go back.

There’s just something about memories and experiences of travel, that immediately you leave a place you want to go back to explore more, or even have the same experience over and over.

Well let’s get back to Naivasha, mainly known for quick weekend getaways from the City. It’s just two hours’ drive away and you land in a series of luxurious resorts and campsites then you realize you have been so poor in choices all your life, “Ha-ha”.

If I was doing an advertisement, this is where I’d score an A cause I’d put in a whole hour to tell beautiful stories of most of them. That said, I guess by now you get my point, ‘your weekend homes are perfect and you are spoilt for choice’.

Like most offshore resorts I’ve been to its interesting how the entrances always have this “You can never guess what happens here at the back” feeling and Like Mwewe camp, Lake Naivasha Crescent camp is one of those. We really wanted to do a shift tent camp on this trip but the weather wasn’t friendly and from my camp experience before, the cold at night is not so friendly outside, so that idea was out.

Well it’s time to take a Boat ride to Crescent Island.  I’ve never been 2 meters away from a Hippo before and “wuueh” as scary as that can get, wait until it suddenly emerges from water and splashes water on you then you realize you have a screaming talent. By the way I never screamed when the Olpejeta rhino hit our car, dumbfound shock, my friend.

There are also a variety of bird species here and the Kingfisher is monster of them all. You need to see it catch fish, and you’ll feel sorry for how the eagle misses chicks.

The outstanding thing about this lake is the dried up yellow barked acacia standing in the water with quite a story you need to go find out.

Crescent Island Game Sanctuary is home to some wild animals but purely no predators, and a walk here among the animals is so refreshing.

Besides you have the monkeys jumping from branch to branch all around you and playing hide and seek games with you to make your walk more interesting.

Our evening boat ride took us to the one of the most beautiful islands I’ve seen. And if my future half is reading this, “can we get that house up there for our vacations, apart from the Maldives Christmas holidays”. Dreaaaams, Okay.

I know I’ve said I love water masses before and cold water is why I hate swimming, but these fishermen were not even aware of the cold weather. Clearly bread doesn’t come on the table easy, but again they seemed to have fun at it. Lake Naivasha is a fresh water lake and hence a great source of income to the surrounding community.

Now that I think about it, “Aren’t they scared of those huge hippos that emerge out of nowhere in the lake”

Outside the camp a few miles from Crescent camp we have a ‘public beach’ where the fishermen sell fish to tourists. They also have bike riding and Camel rides. Did I ever say am so scared of being on an animal, “Ha-ha” there’s this time I thought horse riding was fancy so I tried. You can’t guess what happened, I screamed the hell out immediately it started moving and as much as the guard told me to relax I couldn’t hear any of it till he had to let me down. That was the best day for my small brother; he laughed his heart out leave alone the people staring at me.

I know I love wild animals, but ‘weeh’ in life there are things you don’t play with and we all have phobias,  right? But am planning a trip to samburu and camels are involved. Let’s wait see what happens.

Have you been to Naivasha before? What was your experience like? What activities did you do?

Love and Love.

I always find myself making random plans and having random ideas on long weekends which mostly end up being the best of my experiences and this, was one of them.

The initial Idea was to go hiking on Mt.Longonot but of course you can guess, being a random idea made in the morning while debating whether to wake up or sleep an extra 20 minutes, I was late and couldn’t make to go up 5 hours on the Hot sun. So we opted to change plans and ended up on the nearby Lake.

Well its time to head over see what Lake Elementaita has.

In  between Nakuru and Naivasha town on  the Nakuru-Nairobi highway, sits a calm quiet lake  on the floor of the Rift valley. There’s not much activity going on here and a flock of Pink birds floating and feeding from the water is your welcome site.

Lake Elementaita is a very shallow watermass, partially covered with blue-green algae and   surrounded by reed beds  that are home for pelicans and herons. Flamingoes here visit the lake to feed on insect larvae and algae.

Its surrounded by a number of beautiful quiet campsite  on the hills, Lake view hotels and lodges near the lake shores and grazelands for zebra, gazelles, elands and warthogs.

It has  very beautiful scenic sites and its worth some quiet time and bonding out of town. Apart from being a breeding and forage sites for a variety of birds and animals, I was surprised there’s no any other activity going on at the lake. It leaves you abundant time to choose visiting one or two of the many surrounding prehistoric sites and other sceneries or have a good lunch at the hotels.

Well its time to Pack up and head over to Lake Naivasha.

Have you been to Elementaita before? What was your experience? Going anytime soon?

Come share with us.

Love n Love

‘Throws banana over the fence’, Chimp stands on two limbs, grabs banana, peels,eats and *SLAP*  peel lands on my Face.

Well welcome  to Olpejeta Chimpanzee Sanctuary i guess.

It then grabs a stick and tries to Collect nuts under the electric fence.Its too sharp to know Never shall you try to touch the fence. After its done eating it stares a little to see if we are giving more then lies down sideways staring and making faces at us.

Have you read my first piece of Olpejeta? Here

Well let’s talk about Chimpanzees. The Olpejeta Sweetwaters  chimpanzee sanctuary is an award winning  Chimpanzee sanctuary and  is actually the only one in Kenya and quite remarkable in East Africa.

These animals can stand and walk on two limbs upright, eat like you by using some hand tools, they know how to pose for a camera or hide so you don’t take a photo of them, and yes they know the electric fence is dangerous.

They can play games with you, ape you in everything you do, they are literally you and the fun bit of watching these animals is their  intelligence part “Totally human” and this is  experience, you  don’t want to miss.

I don’t know if you can tell the difference between a baboon, monkey, ape or chimpanzee if u saw them in the forest, because as for me the only one am sure of is a chimpanzee, you can just say those tips and lessons  by the tour guides were not in vain.

A chimp is the most intelligent species and  closest relative of a human being. Yes just look at the picture below and believe you me that animal is sharing 98% of genes with you. It might be even your cousin if you follow closely.

With the chimpanzee originally from tropical forests, which have mostly now diminished due to our destructive nature well the chimp is extinct in the natural forest and hence efforts to conserve these amazing animals in sanctuaries. You should definately head over to  Olpejeta

I then throw an  avocado over the fence,when it grabs this time, *Clever girl*  i walk away before the avocado seed lands on my head.

Off we go to see Other animals.

On any trip, your company is the determinant of how much fun you have, and of  Awesome company I had a friend called Ellie and she couldn’t hear the end of being called Ellie the elephant.

Elephants are all over the park and you can’t leave Olpejeta without coming across at least twenty, they even have an Elephant Bridge where Olpejeta elephants can read, I promise they have sign posts on the elephant bridges.

I was lucky to witness one drink water and it’s amazing how these experiences make me feel , Well Our God is an artist and each creature is different..

The wild Tallest; ‘Giraffe’ , Buffalos, Grevy Zebras.wild dogs and waterbucks are also some of the animals I came across.

Before you leave make sure you check out the Morani information Centre to learn more about olpejeta , livestock-wildlife integration(there’s actually much to learn on this), and the Hippo hide to check out the hippos.

I also came across a variety of Birds, Ostrich being one of them and this beautiful one is the male one.

The game drives, Nature trails, Animal tracking and monitoring was just all worth it. I can never forget I have shoes I stopped wearing after I fell five times in them while doing the forest walks tracking elephants. I also got to observe Elephant and Lion collaring and Long live rangers; because the adrenaline out there during that activity is not life wanting. There’s just so much that goes in on the forest that you can never have recorded on clips or movies because the most random part is the most exciting part.

Am sorry I might have left out your favorite animal but Please take a trip to Nanyuki have an amazing wild experience and come back share with us. Of Sunrises and sets the weather was not so charming on my stay but, here we are waiting for the elephants to cross on one of the days.

Have you been to Olpejeta before? What was your experience like?

Love n Love.

“Thats me holding a Live Rhino I Swear” And nothing beats that fear and excitement. *Just Timeless*

Definitely one of my most exciting places to be ever in is Olpejeta Conservancy, I could give you a thousand reasons why, but am thinking you would like my photo collection more.

Well let’s drive 3 hours down  to Nanyuki  from Nairobi. Situated in between the foothills of Abardares and the snowcapped Mount Kenya and yes  you can see the Beautiful  Mt.Kenya  from The Sweetwaters Tented Camp in the morning.

Olpejeta is known in the world to be the 2nd place after Czech that has 2 of the remaining  Northern white rhinos, yes you need to see this to understand the feeling. Make sure you visit the endangered species boma to learn more about The Northern white rhinos, Hartebeest and Grevy Zebra.

It’s  one of the largest rhino sanctuary in East Africa with quite a number of southern white rhinos and black rhinos, and I learnt from the friendly rangers and tour guides the differences between White rhinos and Black rhinos and Please note there’s nothing like  black and white colour,sorry Why don’t you go find out because its more interesting that way.

Have you seen the equator? Well me neither, but I have  touched it, yes I mean imaginarily at Olpejeta and you might need your GPS to be sure you stand exactly where it passes and get that imaginary amazement too.. Hahaha. You haven’t seen the rage of a Black Rhino till it hits your car and you have to make that same car race in the bush for your dear life. Point I took home, never ever play with any wild animal with a motherly instinct.

Ready for the ultimate weekend experience, well let the game drives begin at 6 a.m., embrace the morning breeze and get to see the sunrise of course. I learnt that this was the best time for game drives as you get to see most carnivores which usually hunt in the early hour, and yes I was lucky enough to see a cheetah for the first time ever, not just one but  2 different families with cubs, accounting to 10 cheetahs. Trust me You physically count Cats Because it’s so Damn exciting to see many of them.

Have you been to a game drive and ended up just seeing Zebras *hahaha* well, sorry but that’s funny. Olpejeta has one of the widest variety of animals in the region talk of the big five i.e.  Lions, Elephants, Rhinos, Cheetahs, Buffalo and Leopard plus many other animals with my favorite animal the Eland. The Eland is quite beautiful and if I was to have it as a pet let’s just say my life would be complete.

My 1st day experience was my best day in terms of getting to see  most animals up-close. Talk of the much I learnt about the rhino sanctuary and the efforts done to take care of these unique valuable creatures. The grevy zebra, note this is the most beautiful species of Zebra I’ve come across; and hartebeest are also valued and more effort is done to monitor and  take care of these animals.

‘Mufasa’ as we call the King of the Jungle  is another wild gem. I got to be so lucky to join Olpejeta’s Lion tracking and see Lions.

I don’t remember how many but I lost count after seeing 3 two-day old lion cubs cause I was  told you got to be very lucky to have that opportunity of seeing cubs in their first two months.

Well you never forget things like seeing how mothers bond with and feed their young ones in the wild.

Look at that, Even the wildest of them all has a weakspot.

As the sun sets if you want to stay over, they have one of the best Camping sites Here  and luxurious accommodation.

The Sweetwaters Tented Camp Here

Ol Pejeta Bush Camp Here

Porini Rhino Camp Here

Kicheche Laikipia Camp Here

Pelican House Here

I forgot to tell you they keep livestock as part of their wildlife-livestock integration  conservation program,and  I mean Boran cattle and if you know what am talking about make sure you order beef daily because that ranch meat is something else.

Just say I missed the sunrise n set the first day, but please look forward  to my other Piece , I got a very unique story on chimps and other animals I came across, and yes I made it to get a sneak view of the sunrise and a review of some fun activities.

Who has been to Olpejeta? What was your game drive and camping experience like? 

What are some tips on having the best game drives ?

Love n Love