Nestled between soaring mountain ranges, opening to wide golden savannah grasslands dotted with thorny trees stretching out to lush forests, these ranches have been around for ages though maybe more as an underground livestock farming business for those old rich guys who have large chunks of land in Laikipia, Naivasha and Kajiado. But the last few years have made us all appreciate ranching in more ways than just a beef and dairy farming business. Being a major conservation tool and among the best getaway weekend places full of wild awe experiences and sporting outdoor activities we’ve seen ranches like Ol pejeta get international recognition and headlines for “Best holiday homes.”

Photo source: Loisaba Conservancy

Integration with conservation has made these ranches out-stand more as conservancies than ranches. Privately owned and managed, wildlife protection and natural habitat conservation is a great deal and with the varied landscapes and great picture square sceneries these ranches have become a tourist magnet for people trying to escape the city’s hustle and bustle to a more quiet, peacefully relaxing and serene weekend.

Also Read: Laikipia a rhino conservation affair and Save the Rhino story



Photo source: Jimmy Nelson(Segera ranch)

Abundant wildlife and exquisite accommodation In-between the beautifully melting glaciers of Mt Kenya and the great Rift valley ,Privately sitting in an exclusive 50,000 acres of pristine Africa golden savannah in the heart of Laikipia it is home to endangered wildlife species and is a land of honey.
The diverse and stunning untouched environment compliments the quietness making it one of the most dramatic sceneries yet peaceful places. The details of the villas and camps make this place a collector’s paradise due to its elegance in the bush.
Waking up to watch the sunrise and wild animals streaming in at the river for a bath from the Nay Palad Bird nest is everything you have to get off this ranch.

For more info: Segera Ranch

Photo source: Segera ranch


A Panorama of Mt. Kenya and desert to the horizon edges this 24,000 acres 1940’s untouched wilderness which is a rolling terrain spanning across Laikipia plains offering unique wildlife safaris that involve walking through free ranging wildlife , camel safaris, swimming pools ,camping and top of the list culinary experience with fresh natural ingredients from the home garden.
While holding conservation at heart this wilderness offers the true wild experience with natural ecosystem coexistence where elephants provide firewood and rain provides water while the Boran cattle provide ranch meat. It is a mixture of simplicity and luxury to give its visitors the beauty they deserve.
For more info: Sosian Ranch


Unrivalled raw terrain nestled in between the majestic peaks of Mt Kenya and rugged Aberdare ranges is a home of all unique outdoor family wild entertainment activities from paintballing, Skating, all kinds of quad bike riding, arena, kids play stations to teambuilding activities. Sitting in Kiganjo, Nyeri about 2hrs from Nairobi it’s also a home to your family for the weekend with luxurious deluxe camps and hospitality for barbecue lovers.
For more info: Chaka Ranch


Photo source: Oljogi ranch

Lying quietly about 4 hrs. From Nairobi on the Northern side of Nanyuki town, with array views of Mt. Kenya this 58,000 acres 60 year old masterpiece is a wildlife haven focusing on rhino conservation and is complete with the only bear in Kenya.
With its luxurious camp nestled within a protective rock crop Ol jogi gives you a unique bush life experience complete with a dreamy pool and spa for relaxation after your bush lunch.
For more info: Oljogi Ranch


Galloping through open grasslands and thickets with exhilarating safaris to explore the raw rugged terrain this untainted landscape stretches south from the foothills of Mt Kenya and opens into the Northern Kenya deserts to the north.
Borana gives its visitors an immersion into the wild experience from Customized safaris, Local cultural interactions and experiences to delicious meals locally and naturally produced, entertainment and accommodation to awe them with a lifetime African experience.
From its effective anti-poaching initiatives, Holistic land management and rhino protection it is a masterpiece of an ideal ranch with a heart to conservation of natural landscapes and wildlife.
It integrates the community in its activities to develop partnerships that are ideal for coexistence.
For more info: Borana Conservancy


Also Read: Olpejeta Rhinos and Human Chimpanzees

A commitment to Holistic approach of integration of livestock to sustainable land and wildlife conservation is Olpejeta’s strength. A 30 minutes’ drive from Nanyuki town leads you to a unique stretch of Laikipia plains with customized memorable bush safaris on the vast 90,000 acres of land full of free ranging wild animals both endangered and nocturnal like cheetahs.
It has various luxurious campsites in different sites to suit all kinds of camping needs for every guest. It’s the only place with the last surviving Northern white rhino and its Sweet waters chimpanzee sanctuary is the best in East Africa. On a side note this has been my best ranch.
For more info: Ol Pejeta Conservancy


Stretching from the rugged Tsavo National Park and sitting on the banks with a breathtaking view of the Galana river and an inspiring natural environment all the way to Lali hills , Kulalu is home to wandering elephants and a variety of other wildlife species across the corridors some of which are endangered.
It offers a unique game viewing experience right from the exclusive luxury camp verandahs to the foot safaris and game safaris into Tsavo. It’s an idyllic setting for bird watchers with close proximity of the river to the campsite being a magnet for hundreds of birds.
For more info: Galana Conservancy


Photo source: Harri travels(Loisaba Conservancy)

In Northern Laikipia Kenya boasting 56,000 acres of pure wildlife diversity, a natural rugged landscape in between 2 permanent rivers, varied natural vegetation and protecting the elephant migration corridors in between Laikipia, Samburu and Isiolo with its natural habitat conservation policies and community partnerships.
The over 800 free roaming elephants and other wild animals gathering around the Ewaso river’s lush vegetation is a magnet for tourists with an urge for an arid wild experience . Complete with star beds rolled on rock platforms for a unique and dramatic African night experience, the experience at Loisaba is to die for.
For more info: Loisaba Conservancy 

Photo source: Loisaba Conservancy, Ami Vitale

Ocean borne adventure full of adrenaline and thrill, skillful takes, random splashes that cool your sweating body, a Sea breeze that dries your face and leave you gasping for more air from the Old centuries Kenyan coast trade winds, raging rivers and calm lakes have all put Kenya on the map for some of the best Water sport activities.
With a full list of over and underwater, motorized and un-motorized water thrilling adventures let’s do away with swimming for today, everyone can swim apart from us with heavy legs right? What else do you expect when you head down to the beach or lakes?
Wind surfing, Surfing, Water skiing, Sailing, Kayaking, Jet skiing, Rafting, Canoeing, Rowing, Big game fishing, sport diving, snorkeling, scuba diving and trust the water sports list to be endless as long as you have an open mind and will.


Using a kayak to move across water for sports and fun or fitness work out purposes is one of the activities that require skill and are full of adrenaline rush. Tied on to a kayak and depending on your paddling skills to sway you against raging waves or calm water is a fulfilling task and adventure.
Savage Wilderness Riverside camp totally equipped with specialized services for first timers who would prefer calm flat waters or addicted kayakers who are more to the thrill on fast moving rapids and plunging into the rapid camp falls offers a worthwhile the experience.                                                                               More info:  Sagana Rapids
Lake Victoria with more calm waters is ideal for learners to learn boat control and basic strokes and rescue techniques, coupled up with fishing it is a thrilling adventure for a perfect sunrise adventure.

Photo source: Sand and sea watersports


I’d say this is exhilarating adrenaline pump is closest to sky diving. Getting accelerated by a fast moving boat that pulls your gliding self over the water surface is as fun as it looks when that water is swooshing over your body until you get that rope and ski and try skimming the surface then scream your lungs out. It provides limitless thrill and adventure.
The Majili’s Resort Lamu at the Ras Kitau bay and Takwa Mangrove creek. More info: Majilis Resort
Sand and Sea Water sports Diani


With a spectacular flat and calm beach, both south and north coast offer a great sporting opportunity for windsurfing and kite surfing due to its favorable wind conditions all year round. Offering a touch of both sailing and surfing controlled by wind movements its spectacular to just even watch experienced surfers make beautiful stunts and moves on the waves.
Whether you just want to enjoy the warm turquoise water or watch the waves swoosh over surfers with great skill and beautiful stunts these extreme sports is worth a try for everyone.
Where: The Kenyan coast has numerous surfing sites, the top rated ones are;
H2O Extreme Diani Beach Kenya, offers Kite surfing lessons affiliated with IKO, and is a top water sport Centre due to its safety standards and thrilling water sport experiences.  More info: H2O Extreme
Tribe Watersports Watamu also offers customized surfing experiences for the whole family for an amazing active beach experience.   More info: Tribe Watersports
Che Shale Kite surfing School Malindi, a prime kite surfing area on a golden beach in between palms.


Away from the ocean to the mainland, raging rivers offer a life thrilling adventure. Rafting expeditions on river Tana and Ewaso Ngiro expose you to varying rapids and white water that are a thrilling adventure to any soul looking for an off dry land activity. You can also test your kayaking skills here.
River trekking is more fun done in groups as it tests your teamwork and balance in rapidly moving water. It involves sliding, falling and swimming while trying to climb wet areas, navigation in water to the dry exit areas and your balance in rapid and calm water despite the weird objects your feet might feel in the water. The 2km walk is something you’ll remember in a lifetime.
Rapids Camp Sagana, water rafting on the rapids of river Tana offer you a relaxed afternoon calm water rafting varying all through to raging rapids (Class v) for a more adventurous side.  More info: Rapids Camp Sagana
Ewaso Ngiro River, White water rafting offers a more wild experience for interaction with herds of elephants and other wild animals on the river banks, complete with a night camp experience to end the day.

Photo source: Sagana Camp Rafting


Specially and simply built for a more laid back sailing experience, dhows have been around for many years for cruises, water movements and local fishing purposes. They offer a great tour to marine parks to enjoy the magnificence of marine life, to snorkel and dive in the deep waters or to just sway across the ocean to a hanging restaurant.
Mtwapa Creek: Offers tour services to enjoy the mangrove bays and coral reefs.
Kizingoni Beach, Lamu offers an overnight dhow safari to explore Kiwayu and Lamu archipelago.
Distant Relatives Kilifi


Strap on a mask to get in touch with the astounding marine life and untouched coral reefs below the Indian Ocean. As an endearing activity that needs you to snorkel deep under the calm blue waters of the endless ocean to enjoy the magnificence protected by lagoons snorkeling is a top water sport for many water lovers.
The Majili’s resort Lamu has daily motor boats and organized excursions complete with a lunch set up for an ultimate experience.  More info: Majilis Resort
Kisite Marine, Shimoni offers one of the most breathtaking snorkeling experiences with dolphins at Wasini Island.

Photo source: Diani sea resort


Hook a large sailfish, Marlin or tuna alongside your boat and boast a huge catch after sailing through deep waters and enticing dozens of fish species amid rapid waves. Deep sea fishing is a rewarding experience for any sailing adventure unless you just want to sail for fun and enjoy the view and ocean breeze from the laser boats.
Boats are well equipped with state of the art equipment for local operators and international full day charter clients and conservation is well taken care of with the tag and release program.
Where: Tudor Creek and Mtwapa creek


Jumping out of a boat that your life depends on into the deep endless sea is nerve wrecking and only for people who don’t even know what aqua phobia is or believe so much in their swimming expertise.
Diving off a hanging cliff or reef rocks close to the shore in Watamu give you one of the best exhilarating experiences, while diving into Nyulli reef in Shimoni offers you a chance to taste the strong tidal currents and drifts
Watamu Marine Park, With sheer wall reefs, fine drop offs and large corals the central turtle reef attracts colorful fish and sharks and is a breeding site for the green sea turtle which makes your dive here a world class dive.
Kisite Mpunguti, Shimoni is a rare 12 meters dive into bottle-nose dolphins, largest manta rays and spectacular coral.


Affixed onto a jet ski and racing over water trying to outdo an oncoming wave is one of the easiest and fun water sport activities. It is easy to learn and not so nerve wrecking. The thrill comes in the racing over a wave and spraying all that water behind you
Where: Diani Beach and Nyali Beach.


Photo source: Xtreme sports

Gliding across water on a surfboard is never the easy task but with great skill and learning meeting that oncoming wave and gliding across it on a surfboard or riding it back on a skim board is a rewarding experience. Malindi bay spot is ideal for body surfing and Shela Lamu. Although Kenya is not so ideal for body surfing due to the numerous reefs the adventure is worthwhile the experience in the few spots available.
H2O Extreme Diani Beach Kenya.   More info: H2O Extreme

 The Kenyan coast is a top rated tourist destination with a wide range of activities to do during your stay in Kenya. Water fun activities and sports is a must try for any adrenaline thrill.

🙂 🙂

Scooped off the airport to a bush camp, hiking on great picture square landscapes with a tropical warm climate, trailing through cold dewy grass on early mornings for a picnic or gazing and sleeping under millions of glimmering stars are part of any dreamy camping adventure to take in with the fresh moist morning air. Whether it’s for meditation purposes, just bonding with friends or team building, camping tends to be one of the most refreshing activities to the human soul. With the thought of waking up to a great landscape view outside your tent and taking in some wild silence, Yogis would take up this activity any day and you should know why.

Am not really talking about the luxurious camps that are already all set and act up as a shift house in the wild today, but I’d like you to really be down for the whole rugged camping experience whether you are whizzed off to the Mara or you just took a local road trip to Kicheche camp. Camping is really about setting up that tent in the middle of the wild, sleeping in a sleeping bag and circling out a fire at night pushing pieces of sticks in and cuddling around to grab any warmth. The big Question is:



Sleeping gear: (Tent, Sleeping bag, air pump, Shuka, Rope)
Meals: (Food, Drinks, disposable utensils, napkins, coolers, fire, foil, water container, Spice Rack, Water purification tablets)
Supplies: (Flashlight; glow in the dark does magic here, wood, lighter, Camera, Telescope, Sharp pocket knife, Plastic bags)
Personal items: (Map/Compass, First aid kit, Raingear, Insect repellant, whistle, Water bottle, toiletries)
Dressing: (Alternate weather wear, Comfortable hiking shoes; shoes are everything, Socks, Gloves, scarf)
Positive attitude, energy and good health.

Photo source: Oloiden campsite


Most camping sites are well located within other scenic sites and attractions, widespread through national parks and preserved within boundaries that are favorable for outdoor fun activities and adventures. All you need is space to choose your favorite spot to pitch a tent.

1. Sagana Rapids Camp

Outstanding view points of the rapids falling at Sagana river, dewy air and evergreen scenic landscape offer a reason to pitch a tent here and wake up to take it all in. As a plus the grills offered are perfect for a bush breakfast and the foodies team just out to relax, enjoy and have loads of laughter, while bungee jumping and water rafting is calling for adrenaline junkies.
More info: Sagana camping

2. Ngare Ndare Forest

Swing on rusty rickety ropes across trees on a boardwalk in the indigenous Ngare Ndare forest then set up camp on a seven meter tall tree platform overlooking the forest, lazing elephants and the blue pool. Wake up to some dewy air and take a leap of faith into the icy blue pool for some refreshing bath.
More info: Ngare ndare Camps

3. Carnelley’s Camp Naivasha.

The shores of Lake Naivasha have numerous camping sites, from luxurious tented camps to various camp grounds that are hard to choose one from. Camp Carnelley’s offers a unique outdoor experience for any adventurer whether looking for some quiet time by the lakeside or some adventure fun activities to bond with family. Wake up to hippos trying to have their last bite before the sun goes up or just some cold breeze from the lake and swinging monkeys. A Fully stocked kitchen and bar are a plus at the campsite for your comfort.
More info: Camp carnelley’s
Also visit OLOIDEN CAMP SITE on the shores of Lake Oloiden, Naivasha for an almost similar experience.  More Info: Oloiden Camp

Photo source: Oloiden campsite

4. Hell’s Gate National Park.

Take a walk through beautifully textured gorges that have a rich history of geological activities over time. Enjoy some rock climbing at Fischer’s tower or bike riding up to the geothermal power station and take a dive into the geothermal spa pool then pitch a tent on one of the escarpment tops overlooking the heavenly lush park that is Hell’s gate. Wake up to a misty landscape and wild animals busy grazing on the foothills of numerous escarpments.
More info:  Hells gate Camping

5. Rowallan Camp,Nairobi

A scout’s campsite located within the capital city, 9km away on Ngong road overlooking the Ngong hills and Ngong forest. It offers a short hike into Ngong Road forest reserves caves, bird watching, lush scenic view of the Ngong forest and monkeys swinging dances from one tree to another. It is quite a rewarding pocket friendly camping adventure within the city.
More info: Rowallan scouts camp

6. Mt. Ololokwe, Isiolo

Camping in the Northern parts of Kenya offers a different experience. It’s not the usual dewy morning and drizzly night but a rather cold and dry evening with raging winds over the drier savannah. Samburu has quite some cultural experience and coupling that with a camp out would make for a total fun Samburu adventure.
Camp at the table of Mt. Ololokwe, a sheer cliffed 2000ft flat topped mountain that offers a scenic view to the whole Samburu region far and wide after a 4hr hike or at the foothills for a rather comfortable camp experience. If you camp at the top you’ll need to carry all your camping essentials.
More info: Sabache Camp

Photo source: Scrapbook journeys.

7. Wildebeest Eco-Camp Nairobi

An eco-camp on the outskirts of Nairobi offering all budget travel services. While its luxurious and deluxe safari tented camps are so tempting, they also offer personalized camping services. You can pitch a tent that’s just a stone throw away to the City’s national park, airport and malls for all your city adventures while still enjoying the wild experience. It offers a quiet experience away from the noisy city Centre, beautiful gardens to relax and some peaceful time away.
More info: Eco-Camp

8. Chyulu hills, Campi ya Kanzi

Wake up to countless lush green hills popping out of the foothills of Mt. Kilimanjaro that forms a massive backdrop and the red head Maasai strolling with his livestock. Camp out near the Kisula lava caves and experience the thrilling cave adventures or at the hill top and enjoy the beautiful green rugged and varied landscape scenery.
At the foothills Campi ya Kanzi offers more luxurious and prestigious tents and services for a more authentic and comfortable wild experience.

9. Kembu Farm, Nakuru

Photo source: Kembu Farm

A farm that is designed to offer a more unique outdoor experience. Camping in the backyard, in the woodlands or on tree tops, pitch a tent and take in some quiet time. It is characteristic of Beautiful and peaceful gardens and personalized self-sufficient services on request.

10. Naiberi River Campsite and Resort

Just outside Eldoret town this resort is rated a top tourist destination in Eldoret for a quiet chill out place. Popularized by a massive pool and a fully stocked bar it are ideal friends hang out fun place.
You can set up a tent on request and get any other personalized services intended for a more comfortable and fun stay. It is a must stop for any visit to Eldoret.   More info:  Naiberi campsite

Photo source: Naiberi campsite



Special Private camping

Offer a more comfortable personalized and private camping experience mainly involving all essentials provided from tents to flush toilets, wood and even hot showers and a kitchen and bar facilities. More luxurious and easy to manage. Need to Check for advance booking.

Public Park Camping

Most national parks and reserves offer camping grounds for guests to pitch tents with just basic facilities like a toilet and zero other essential facilities. You have to carry your own stuff. Some may provide bandas and movable tents for hire and they are mainly shared with other campers.


Location:   How far it is, how you’ll get there and if it’s favorable for you.
Accessibility to tents:  How to access the campsite, whether its uphill and you need to hike, or it’s on an island and you need a boat ride or it’s near a river and if you are okay with the surrounding and how to access it.
Water supply and other amenities:  Availability of clean water and if you need to carry your own tents, kitchen supplies and any other essentials not provided.
Attractions and scenic sites:  The nearby scenic beauty and fun activities you can indulge in while camping.
Safety: As much as you want a wild experience, you don’t want to be trampled over at night by an elephant, so check out the safety standards and measures of the campsite location.

                                                                                                 🙂    🙂
Camping is all about sleeping in the wild with the wild. Whether you decide to pitch a tent or just sleep under the stars around a bonfire, the experience is always authentic and memorable.

Share your camping experience on the comments.
Look out for the more luxurious deluxe camps in a next Post. 🙂

World rhino day went round with celebrations from wildlife ambassadors, Conservationists and everyone who believes in nature for one reason or two. But let’s look at it from the other side ; Yes, we all posted a rhino photo or two on our social media posts but how often do we look at the real issues , at what’s the main reason behind extinction and endangerment. What’s the Root CAUSE?
Is it human settlements and destruction of natural habitats or is it the Insatiable demand for rhino horn in the Middle East encouraging poaching?

FACTS of a BLACK and WHITE rhino.

BLACK Rhinos are browsers, have triangular hook shaped upper lips and have wound scars on their rough skin mainly covered in mud.
WHITE Rhinos are grazers, have square upper lips and have more smooth skin with no wound scars.

The white rhinos are calmer unlike the black rhinos that are known to randomly charge and unleash their anger on your sudden introduction into their territory. A rhino once charged on us out in the wild, hit our car and made a big hole on the driver’s door, that’s the scariest i’ve come to any wild animal.

Looking back at my previous post on Rhino conservation in Laikipia, to be honest I didn’t even have it in mind that it was a few days before the World Rhino day, otherwise that post would sound differently now and maybe be more detailed.

Photo by Dan Kitwood/Getty Images)

Have you heard of SUDAN? The last standing Northern male white rhino on earth?

Having been transferred from Czech to Kenya because of favorable conditions to survive here and to induce its breeding, its lifespan has increased and that’s a major success story for Olpejeta conservancy. Together with the other only surviving two northern white rhinos they are protected round the clock with sensors and guards and although the breeding trials with the southern whites have been unsuccessful, this conservation program has been a success story so far.

Olpejeta also has one of the largest Southern white rhino populations.We also have numerous privately owned conservancies that have stretched a hand to conservation.


Poaching has been a nightmare for black rhino conservation in Kenya but over the last few years we’ve seen the rhino population grow. More focus has been put to save this vulnerable animal from poaching. Some of the places with high rhino populations and perfect for a rhino game safari in Kenya include:

1. Solio Game Reserve.

Lying in central Kenya, Solio was the first rhino sanctuary in Kenya, protecting rhinos and providing a safe home to the threatened species. Black rhinos wander out in the open plains and offer amazing sightings on your game drive.

2. Lewa Conservancy.

Competing with Olpejeta on the southern side, Lewa sits on the northern side of Laikipia and has a large population of black and white rhinos whose conservation was pioneered by the legendary Craig Family. A usual game drive here is characterized by a close encounter with a black rhino. It also Borders Borana Wildlife Conservancy that also focuses on black rhino conservation.

3. Nakuru national park.

Kenya’s only premium park acquired this status as a result of rhino conservation and the random sightings of calm grazing rhinos by the lakeside. Lake Nakuru is a protection zone for white and black rhinos among other wildlife species that are easily identified on the dusty rugged landscape when you shift eyes away from the millions of pink floating flamingos on the lake.

4. Tsavo East National park.

Rhino protection is a major deal for Tsavo and Ngulia Rhino sanctuary in Tsavo has provided a home for this threatened species. Famous for its lions, Tsavo is one of the largest wildlife protection zones in Africa and you are sure of a rhino charge if not a roaring blood thirsty lion.

5. Aberdares National Park.

Rhinos hate being surprised and the dense vegetation of Aberdares does not make this easy. Driving around Aberdares, its not the usual savannah sightings of wildlife experience but a rather keen predetermined search of the elusive rhinos a midst trees and tall tuft grass. Aberdares also offers great Big 5 sightings in-between the dense grasslands.

6. Nairobi national park.

Spilling out from a major International airport it’s also famous for Kifaru Ark which is an identity it holds for protecting the endangered species. Enraged black rhinos wandering out on the golden savannahs in front of the amazing skyscrapers backdrop is a sunset view anyone would yearn for  in a safari.

7. Maasai Mara National Park.

There is a reason Maasai Mara is an ultimate destination for any African game safari. While it’s outstanding for the wildebeest migration wonder, other wildlife species are also in abundant existence here and rhinos are part of the big 5 sightings.

Other places Include:

Meru National Park, Olpejeta Conservancy, Ngwesi Ranch, Ruma National Park, Amboseli and Samburu National park.

I am a conservationist at heart, an advocate for the environment and while the struggle to make a big change is overwhelming, it’s always about the small things, like how you would re-use and recycle stuff, how to not dispose that waste on the street or how to just plant one tree even when you haven’t cut any. How to protect what we already have and how to conserve it for future use.


Then we have the Plastic ban issue that’s going on around Kenya currently. I’ve avoided the discussion because we are still trying to adjust to it but maybe if I’d take two seconds to air my opinion,I hope you wouldn’t scold me for it.
It saddens me to hear people around complain about the plastic ban, not because they can’t live without plastics, or it’s reducing their lifespan in some way, but just because humans hate change, they hate going out of their way to slightly alter some routine. But if I look at it, the only issue is maybe the few extra shillings you have to pay to pack your shopping items once you hit the shop and remember you didn’t carry your bag. On the positive side a few years from now if we implement this bill to the letter then we’ll look back and wish we did this way earlier. Am glad finally someone stood for conservation and pollution. My worry is for this implementation to work we need to go all the way or just maybe 90% all in.
It’s not really about the shopping bags being banned or the “Mama Duka” wrappers but we need to go down to the food packaging at the factory, to all the household items wrapped up in plastic. To be a bit honest most of the plastic waste is from household goods packaging because that becomes useless immediately we take the last bite. There is no two way about the plastic ban, implementing it at the consumer level while still having it at the production level is a waste of time. We need a conscience mind, the right sense of implementation and total adherence to the rules and if still 6 months down the line we see items still packaged in plastics then we need to go back to the drawing board for this to work.

Rhino conservation has been around for ages, but how come there is still a market for Ivory?
I would blame it all on poaching but I’d also look at the existing natural conditions to survive. The diminishing natural habitat that ensures the endangered species thrives. While the human population graph is shooting upwards daily and urbanization is at its core we need to protect the natural habitats, Respect the conservation process and with a conscience mind have that conversation as often as possible.
Kenya is one of the countries that pride in tourism for economic development, but what’s tourism without the wildlife safaris. It’s not about the luxurious hotels and fancy restaurants by the beach but it’s about the experience acquired during the day outside that dimly lit room and once the plates are lifted from the dining table. We pride in Conservation, our parks and conservancies have gone a great mile to protect the rare species we have and to ensure we benefit from these resources in the future.

 Be a part of conservation, be a part of change, be a part of the only solution to human problems. 🙂 🙂

Free falling off a flying helicopter into the sea, Swooshing over forest canopies on a zip-line, Cord hanging in air or Jumping off tall stands into shaky board-walks is as much thrilling as it is frightening. Heights trigger some kind of adrenaline that races down your body stopping you from taking that step while sending all the blood to your head to convince you it’s going to be thrilling if you leap. Am one of those people whose height phobia is not even up for discussion and If you’ve read my posts you remember me talking about my excitement for bungee jumping at the River Nile till I hit the stand and there was No way I was going to throw my life off that almost 40 meter stand to the calm deep Nile waters below. Check it out HERE

Although Am more of a wild chase bush person and maybe a little of a camouflaging adrenaline person who would rather stick to being a water junkie who can’t swim and mainly live for sun downers and sunrise silhouettes. Am intrigued by adrenaline junkies who jump off planes and take faith in the ropes holding them to safety yet still scream their lungs out for the thrill.
Having done most of the bush safari challenges and looking for a new thrilling experience ,There are quite a number of activities in Kenya that would trigger your high adrenaline and I thought I should share with you some of these extreme sports activities.


This has to top it all because we all somehow love beaches and apart from diving for an ocean swim off a boat, diving off a plane into the air and massive ocean below while rushing down trusting only on your parachute to give you a safe landing is the best other way to enjoy your vacation in coast. Sky Diving in Diani is one of the top rated tourist activities in south coast and the breathtaking views of the sparkling beach and small islands while you scream your way down are a lifetime memorable experience. More info: Sky Dive Diani

Photo source: Skydive Diani


BUNGEE Jump at the Galana River.

A free fall off a 60m tall stand into the river Sagana with only a cord keeping you from being submerged into the brown waters at Rapids camp is a lifetime thrilling experience for any adrenaline junkie. But it isn’t over until the frightening numerous bounces after your fall that make your stomach churn a large bit start. Ensure you head over to Sagana. More Info http: At Rafting in Kenya.

Photo source: Rafting in Kenya.

ZIP LINING in Kereita Forest.

Fly past birds, dense green forest canopy, open valleys and have the intriguing forest views from above and a bird’s eye view of Aberdare ranges. With six international safety standards Zip lines approximately 2.2 Kms lasting approximately 2 hours over a lush 80metres tall nature trail persistently calling, the zip lines will take your breath away but at least fill you with the fresh mountain air to last a lifetime memory. More info: at Flying Fox

Photo source: Miles Africa.

Limuru Zip Lining: The Damn Red hill Limuru
Machakos Zip Lining: 300 meters Machakos People’s park,
Sagana Zip Lining: Over Tana River at Sagana.

High Ropes tight walking at Diguna, Rongai.

The thrill and adventure when Fastened belts around your waist is all you got between high suspended ropes and trying to skip from one rusty rope to another or swing and jump onto loosely suspended wooden planks until you miss and swing in air like a bat is satisfying for any adrenaline rush. Perfect for a Saturday escapade adventure that doesn’t involve driving away from the City.

Photo source: Daily Kenya Blog



The 6:00 am Balloon lift off at Governor’s camp Maasai Mara is your ultimate destination for any safari. It is not much adrenaline pumping but it is the ultimate air experience .Being swayed by the wind chasing the sunrise and floating over herds of elephants and wildebeest trying to outdo each other on the morning catch. The bird’s eye view of the Maasai Mara plains, diverse wildlife beneath and the breathtakingly refreshing rare wildlife activities are worth every penny you pay for this ride. More info at: Governors Camp.

What are other height Adrenaline activities available in Kenya? Which one would you most prefer?
But if you are not a height person look out for my water games activities On my next post  for some adrenaline thrill 🙂 🙂

Massive golden terrains stretching from the Snow caped Mt. Kenya and hitting the rugged foothills of the Aberdare Ranges, Equatorial tropical weather, free ranging wild animals trying to survive in between rapidly rising human developments and interference to Livestock wildlife integration. Laikipia is “the land of milk and honey” as the local communities call it. Nanyuki is the Centre piece of these wildlife corridors and as a town it thrives in eco-tourism, hosting numerous hotels and get away destinations yet still a stone throw away, acres of land boom in wheat production and beef ranching.

PLAINS thriving in WILDLIFE Conservation.

I have fond memories of Laikipia, ones I hold down so closely to my heart. Having been the place I discovered myself in more wild ways, discovered my Love for conservation, wildlife and adventure but most importantly got to be the only place I really came to appreciate my profession for the first time and it became the beginning of the Love for what I was meant to do. I could tell endless stories of how I stumbled to the ground more than three times on a bush walk chasing gravy zebras while trying to act all cool in boots, or how a black rhino unleashed its anger on our van giving it a big hole on the driver’s door, or the amazement of finding a day old Lion cubs hidden in a thicket after hours of driving in muddy trenches in search of the collared Lioness. Not to forget the hectic elephant transfers between Lewa, Olpejeta and Meru, my Laikipia memories are just endless.

I stayed down in Laikipia for almost 3 months and in that time not having to worry about makeup and what clothes to wear was not enough, but rather just being out there in the bushes running over muddy trenches, driving into thickets while chasing collared lions and monitoring rhinos was more than rewarding.

Laikipia is one of the most magnificent plains in Kenya. Full of endless rolling golden brown wheat farms, a handful of massive ranches on some rugged terrains priding in Wildlife livestock integration and conservation and a rich cultural heritage to show off.

LEWA CONSERVANCY (Breeding Black Rhinos)

Greatly known for the infamous Lewa Marathon, Lewa conservancy has managed to be a great success story of human wildlife co-existence. The Marathon was established in 2000 to outsource funds for conservation and this has yearly established a forum to discuss the underlying issues of conservation, its importance and its economic benefits. Conservation and ecotourism has seen Lewa pride in Luxurious camps, magnificent scenery, best wildlife safari activities over the years and even maintain its statute as a holiday get away for Prince William.


It’s a rhino affair in Olpejeta and any visit here must entail the last standing Northern white rhino which is a  major deal worldwide. Having gone to great heights to ensure conservation and preservation of some of the most endangered and almost extinct species, Olpejeta has dedicated its efforts in Rhino conservation, Gravy zebra, and the hartebeest and has built a home for chimpanzees. With a thriving population of the Big Five , Chimpanzee Sanctuary and great wildlife stories this place is a must visit for tourists planning on hitting Laikipia. It also has some of the best Camp sites, ranch meat and even human wildlife interactions. Remember to visit and feed Baraka; a blind Black rhino and to adopt a chimpanzee when you visit. Read More on Olpejeta Rhinos and Human Chimpanzees


This is the largest conservancy in Laikipia sitting at approximately 100,000 acres. From luxurious eco-lodges sitting on hills overlooking the quiet massive Laikipia plains to diverse free roaming wildlife species, breathtaking sunset views over bushes, game drives, bush walks, bush breakfast and some wandering into the neighboring Maasai manyattas, the thrill of adventure here is quite endless.

OL JOGI Wildlife Conservancy

Located on the Northern side of Nanyuki town about 67,000 acres of tuft golden grass sits a home to black rhinos and a variety of other wildlife species. Specializing in cattle ranching, it has embraced conservation of the free ranging endangered wildlife species.

Some of the other ranches in Laikipia include: Segero, Borana, Karama and Losiaba.

While co-existence is Key for conservation, joined by wildlife corridors these private conservancies and community ranches have embraced eco-tourism and wildlife livestock integration to reduce human wildlife conflicts, transform these desolate arid lands into worldwide tourism destinations and pride in conservation as the foundation of their success story.

Whether its the camouflaging cat family or the enraged rhinos, Laikipia is the Real Maasai Mara 🙂 🙂 Prince William and Usain Bolt acknowledged it.


The skillfully done unending winding Kabarnet roads from the hill top down, rugged and hilly landscape and magnificent floor views is something you’ve definitely heard of. Any Eldoret road trip always winds up in Iten (Kerio valley) for some reason, the view down to Kerio is just so breathtaking and amazingly refreshing. I’ve taken that drive quite a number of times since I settled down in Eldoret and we can just say any lazy weekend is a perfect time for Iten. Am yet to talk about how and why I moved out of Nairobi, but the reasons that made me stay and love it more here are countless.

Why you should Visit Kerio Valley.

While here I’ve discovered some out of town places you can drive to and take the fresh air all in and if you are up for the hike challenge you can tick them all off in a day or two.

KERIO VALLEY  (Iten View Point).

Drive Approximately 35 Km from Eldoret town on a an endless winding road to the outskirts of Iten, Sit down on a loose hanging rock and watch the sunset sparkling some orange colour to the horizon skyline. In between Tugen hills and Elgeyo escarpment breathtaking Views from down here show you the massive green fields at the floor of the escarpment that make rich the Elgeyo Marakwet county. The hanging restaurant is also a nice place to grab some late lunch or evening tea before you head back home.


Just before entering Baringo county after ending the infamous winding roads down on your left is Chebloch Gorge. This gorge was formed as a result of the Rift Valley volcanic activity and it’s now a tourist attraction here, telling by the number of locals and schools you find here. Most people are on a drive and just stop over to look at the beautiful Gorge, rocks, the river flowing in between the cliffs and divers. On one side of the Eldoret-Kabarnet road is where the divers are and on the other side is where the high cliff gorge starts. Walk down to the river, head over to the gorge and if you are up for the task try some rock climbing.


 Wake up at dawn drive down to Iten and on your right just before Tambach take up a hike, you can organize early to do it with some Elgeyo Marakwet runners who practice along the trails and end up on some breathtaking massive waterfall right in the middle of woods on the top of a densely covered green hill. Filled with silence and zero life apart from the trees breathing in your sweaty air this place is a rewarding masterpiece.


Kruger’s is the home of gently moving Rothschild’s giraffes sticking out slender beautiful necks from in between branches while trying to curl and twist their tongues to pluck out the narrow acacia leaves from thorns. It also has a large family of Oryx wandering around. While this farm is a wildlife sanctuary for theses Giraffes it is also a massive piece of rugged landscape with rolling fields of wheat and breathtaking views of Kerio hills and slopes.

KERIO FLUORSPAR Mining (Hunting for some Precious stone)

I took one weird trip to Iten and this time it was to end up at the fluorspar mining zone. The best of places are never on any map, and this is one of those undiscovered places. Did I mention how far and interior that place is? I got into a matatu that ended up in some uphill small Centre, I can’t recall the name. That was the last Centre with say vehicles or rather a means of transportation to the quarries, meaning from that point you have to find your way down. By now it was getting to 5 p.m. and asking around we were told the only means of transportation down was a lorry, one of those transporting fluorspar/sand but at this time transports women from the market on market days. So we quickly walked down hill to the market Centre and jumped into one without even thinking how we’ll get back the next day. Well, they say the Key to enjoying any trip is flexibility and taking risk, right?There are some nice simple camp huts in the middle of the forest that host guests on early booking or availability. While the views of Kerio are breathtaking and the fresh air so refreshing, the quietness in this place is perfect.

“It is not down in any map; true places never are.” – Herman Melville 🙂 🙂

What are some of the best places you’ve visited in Eldoret?


From Car breakdowns in a foreign land in the middle of a freezing night, to complete oil spillage in an abandoned forest path with no Petrol station in sight,  harsh border treatment for hours in the scorching heat, to a Camera ocean swim, *rather splash*, ” Yes the ocean waves decided they have to showcase their salty water to my camera then it shut down.” Chasing breathtaking sunsets while missing out on all Sunrises, Hey 🙂 it’s been a full clock, I mean, I know I’ve missed you guys so much just as I’ve missed blogging. It’s been 4 weeks and to be honest as much as it seems just the other day it feels like 3 generations to me. That was a well deserved break and everyone deserves a halftime to re-energize, refocus, review and reinforce strategy to get it full. It hasn’t been really a halftime blast but a sequence of events in between miles.

Good thing is, its officially midyear and also half year into blogging. Yeeees! Papa I made it. Why do we always shout “Yes mama” yet some of us are fond of our Dads anyway? I need to figure that out. Not to sound feminist, but yet success is always associated with our fathers genes, and any failure thrown at our Mothers for bad raising, what’s the logic that applies to that theory?

This year I’ve managed to travel a lot by midyear. Being able to go back to all the places I’d wished I’d go back to has been the greatest joy and to live telling those stories again is a blessing. To 26 more weeks of unraveling Google maps and creating awesome stories. Cheers 🙂

As I mentioned in my previous post, blogging hasn’t been that easy. Am not whining but Making sure posts are up by 4 am on Sucker Mondays is a choice I made and have to live with, at least till my creativity runs out. While you are at it, *Grabs Diary to review and memorize my 2017 year goals*. Am not any different from you and by now of course I already forgot most of them, marked others as halfway achievable and totally crossed some out as early as week one. This is a sad story of Drained hopes and dreams that we all have to go through. Am even thinking, what in the jungle was i thinking writing some of these goals, i can’t even remember what some of them mean and yet this has been my story for the last twenty something years.

Travel blogging has led me to do stuff I didn’t know I’d do, To travel alone comfortably, talk to strangers confidently,  maximize adventure out of the most boring places, crawling my way into getting favors but most of all being comfortable in my own skin, being proud of what I do and doing it passionately. I’ve taught myself much discipline in terms of time, decision making and choices that influence my career.

There are a number of lows but I’ve woken up every week for the last 26 to write something, with a new idea and plan. I’ve looked back but only wished I started blogging 2 years ago when that idea was in my head. I was scared then , had almost zero liking on my social media posts, I was busy trying to figure out why life was unfair to me, kept hoping out of jobs, had very minimal hope of life and whatever wishes and plans I had for my future but I got out stronger and better. I never mention I even checked into therapy after a traumatizing breakup.  

This year I celebrated my 25th Birthday, and I can Never thank God enough for where I am today. Mostly for all the meaningful relationships and my network. I didn’t picture all this a year ago. I’d just say there’s always hope to those of us who’ve been at the bottom of it all and couldn’t figure your way out.

Much appreciation to my readers, remember to *TICK* the New post notification icon (at the bottom) and as always your feedback is appreciated. It’s what wakes me up every Monday. If you are reading my blog for the first time then Hey 🙂  , you are in the right place. I write about travel mostly but randomly do reviews and when it pinches most I write about a random topic. Like i just might write about my current crave for International Rugby matches because my team smashed someone 100-10 points.

Talking about what i Love and the best escapades has turned me into more of an explorer, every opportunity is always maximised and as much as i love all my posts some of my most interesting and 5 most read posts this past season are:

Ultimate 24 Hour Layover in Nairobi.    

Africa’s Ultimate Safari Series.

The Pearl of Africa , KAMPALA

Hiking Up Mt. Longonot.

Top Africa’s Destinations

To an achieving Year and polishing out the goals already halfway, *Positivity*  🙂

Till next Monday, 🙂 🙂 🙂

Prayer for Peace, Love and Unity for my country.

Being one of Africa’s greatest capitals, The “Green City in the sun” is a clear definition of urbanization in Africa yet still trying to integrate conservation and environmental protection. It wouldn’t compete with Rwanda’s Kigali over being spotless though, Or South Africa’s Johannesburg over infrastructure, Cape Town over tourism or Lagos over infrastructural beauty but still Nairobi is the icon of both financial and political prominence. Whether it’s the museums, cultural centers, art galleries and  being the only capital city with a massive national park and  home to a tribe that is in itself a major tourist attraction  there’s not a doubt to it being the City of adventure.

If you happen to have a break in between your flights, or a stop over to errands in other African countries or even a two day holiday in the city you have quite a number of breathtaking sites to see.

1. Share your Breakfast with Giraffes at the Giraffe Manor.

If you thought waking up to Moaning Lions and a sunrise over lush plains was magic, what about kissing a giraffe or having one stretch its neck into a massive open window next to you and pick up apples from your fruit basket at your breakfast table then go on picking and picking like it’s just usual business for it to feed with you. The Giraffe centre just outside Karen gives you the chance to   interact and feed the endangered Rothschild Giraffe in a way you’ll not find elsewhere in the world. You can also feed them from a raised platform and let them lick pellets from your hand.

2. Cycle Hiking at Karura Forest.

Up for a minor hike, not so much into the intensive walks but ready to have a good time in an Urban but still Natural Forest, breath in some good fresh air and enjoy the cool breeze then Karura is your place. Cycle or walk and end up in Amazing waterfalls or caves surrounded by lush vegetation, mist and utmost silence.

3. Game driving at Nairobi National Park.

Any Adventure has Safari in it, whether your Safari definition is a long bumpy road trip or getting stuck in some bush mud somewhere or chasing after Rhinos in the wilderness, but what would be better than a National park just 5km away from the Capital City centre or just 2Km from an International airport with extensive golden plains horizoned by an amazing backdrop of skyscrapers in a seemingly far away yet so near city iced by roaming Lions ready to pounce on an Impala.

4. Nairobi Safari Walk.

Off Langata Road at KWS headquarters, An extension of Nairobi national park awaits you for a chilled out afternoon, walk around nature trails and have a chance to be the closest you can get to a Cheetah that wont unleash its adrenaline on you and other wild animals in holding pens that provide you with basic information on each while introducing you to the varied natural environment. This would be a starter pack for any African safari you intend to indulge in.

5. Go Dancing at Bomas of Kenya.

 Raw animal skin, layers of beads, and some metal pieces to spice up your cultural Kenyan dance. 42-Tribe Rich culture and history of food, way of life and tools all brought together from the old age into a homestead “BOMA” is just a few Kms away from the City.

6. Feed a Baby Elephant at David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust.

Grab a big feeder bottle of milk and feed it to an orphaned baby elephant and just like that you’ve saved a life. The Sheldrick trust is home to orphaned elephants and rhinos  due to poaching and  it’s so heartwarming to see how emotional these babies are, and if you get attached to one you can adopt one support it till its old enough to fend for itself when its transferred to  Tsavo  National Park.

7. Karen Blixen Museum & Cottages.

Danish, “Karen Blixen” flew all the way to live here, and a film: “Out of Africa” was created as a result of it. Why would you want to miss out on an African book turned movie come to life. A colonial masterpiece stands out on expansive beautiful gardens.

8. Nairobi National Museum.

 It’s your first trip to Kenya and you would like to know one or two things about the High jumping Maasai, rich history and Kenyan culture and there is no better place than the National museum. Wind that up by startling snakes to raise your heart beat a bit and you are ready to head down to the Mara to whatever it presents. You can also pass by the Railway Museum for an ancient development journey back in time.

9. Ride an Ostrich at Ostrich farm but Don’t Feed a Crocodile at Mamba village.

 🙂 As funny as that sounds, yea; go ride an ostrich and enjoy grilled ostrich wings at the Ostrich farm. Or head over to crocodile farm, ride a boat but don’t try feeding crocodiles unless you want to be the feed. Feed the ostriches and giraffes instead then head over for lunch at their amazing bands.

10. SHOP and PLAY.

Shop for African inspired and beaded souvenirs at the Maasai, Kenyatta or City markets, Paintball at Rolf’s place also one of the places with the ‘Coolest rusty rope bridges ever  J “if there’s such a description”.  Cool of the Sun city heat by being swindled and poured into a cool pool at Splash Water World or get thrilled jumping on high suspended ropes fastened, and if you are not already tired of your winter weather ”Assuming you flew in from winter” then go try out  ice skating at Panari. End your day  Dining at the amazing restaurants which will blow your mind away with  artistic  décor with an African touch or bring out you hidden carnivorous spirit on a  roasted steak at Carnivore then  Down your favorite African drink , “rather Kenyan beer” at one of the Ever alive City clubs and head over to the Mara.

Is it time for your flight yet? 🙂 I thought so.

“AFRICA” is Safari, Muddy drives, Free Roaming wildlife, Massive Golden savannah on grand African backdrops that will blow you away, right?

Visitors even think the moment they land at the airport they’ll be welcomed by some Lion family dragging a gazelle trying to catch it’s  last breath to a flat-topped acacia tree shade and rip its inner flesh out. Well, I can confirm your fears, because if you happen to land in Nairobi J.K.I.A, then take a turn left, you end up at the only National park within a capital city, ‘Nairobi National park’ and there you have your wishes true on your lens.  

🙂  I would call any African Safari, ‘A Big 5 Safari’ , whether it’s chasing cats at the Maasai Mara plains or riding through the deep bushes at the Northern side of Kruger National Park, there’s so much to offer yet this depends on what adventure makes your adrenaline tick and each of these parks has something outstanding to show off for. Trying not to have a million dollar post I came up with a minimal list to give you a rough idea on what to expect.


How apprehensive can you get, knowing you are on foot with no sight of a getaway car just in case the fastest wild animal decides to unleash its speed after you, or a 1 week hungry lion moans at the smell of your fresh blood, or the most dangerous Wild black Rhino is surprised at your appearance or the largest of them all starts trumping its feet and blowing up its trunk cause you are invading its territory. How much more adrenaline can you handle?

Zambia offers first class walking safaris and is the Best destination for foot safaris of up to 8 Kms with short stops for a good animal view, photo and a small discussion from a very high standards and best walking safari guide. To top up icing on the sugar, can you drive around the wild in the night and get into a face to face night vision contest with the leopard? 


A magnificent black maned lion jumps on the bumper of your cruiser, An eye to eye challenge with a cheetah on your lens, A Leopard whisks away an antelope, an elephant mud bathing  at the Mara river, The greatest wildlife show-off  where millions of Wildebeest swim across the Mara to Serengeti and a crocodile grasp a Wildebeest neck and disappear into the water in a second , Or a red head Maasai warrior spear a fat bull, cup its blood and drink it, there’s nothing less than this type of adventure at the Massive open terrains of the Mara.

Ever wondered why, the name ‘SAFARI’ originated from Kenya? I like to say the best of them all tells tales for itself but still, Maasai Mara is a pure show off. It delivers to the point, whether it’s camping at Kicheche or Porini and waking up to the sun rise over rolling plains, or sipping wine watching the sunset and birds colour the blue skies in between May and October.


Lions roaring over the camp at dawn, emerging from the long tuft golden grass at noon, Extensive savannahs, rugged hills transitioning into woodlands and riverine forests. Night hunting with your camera to daylight safari trails not mentioning well thriving big five. Africa’s Premier National Park offers everything you need in a safari completely packaged with an exclusive Luxury camp and tar roads, to small bush tent camps near a fire and back roads for a real African safari experience. For whatever reason you’re in South Africa while thinking about the wine on the Tables, “Table Mountains” and the sunset over Cape Town, think about Kruger’s first.


Exclusive wildlife Safari experiences spiced up with boat cruises are perfectly defined in Botswana, with Large herds of elephants playing with water under the hot sun at the Chobe river, What is believed to be the World’s Greatest Lion prides at Duba, Wild dogs speed hunting a baby gazelle, Colorful birds ‘beaking’ on insects, Large herds of Buffaloes dipping their bodies into muddy holes or all of it combined at the Lush green hidden waterways of Okavango Delta at the southern side.

Okavango is the world’s biggest inland delta and with the ironical Botswana being a dry land  the massive crocodiles and hippos swimming underneath your canoes and hitting it at some point offer a nerve wrecking experience and another side of Botswana.


In for ‘Big Game Hunting’? Etosha is the place. In Swahili “TOSHA” means “ENOUGH” and I believe Etosha is enough for any Wild African safari experience. Locally it means “Great white place” due to the massive white salt pan once a lake bed. It boasts of the highest cheetah population, a large number of the endangered Black rhinos, huge herds of Lions, elephants, and more than enough herbivore families with quite a number of Leopards endorsing the deal.  You can head over to “The Desert Rhino Camp” and go tracking desert rhinos and elephants on foot in the semi-arid extensive terrains and maybe add some saltpans to your day.


They stare at you, like they know you from somewhere they’re trying really hard to remember by gazing directly into your eyes. Half of the Last remaining population of Huge Silverback mountain gorillas (Around 200kg i.e. thrice the weight of an average man) is on about their usual business feeding from branches of the dense Volcanoes National Park vegetation. The playful babies are fighting over the mother’s attention and might even move so close to you for yours. This is not a driving around kind of safari, But a rather engaging trek with a backpack, zip lock and boots trying to figure out your way around the dense wet vegetation and playing around with the endangered most intelligent primates. Gorilla trekking is a life changing experience. Just remember to organize for your Gorilla trek Permit ahead of time.


Doubling up the endless terrains and habitat and being the southern extension of the Mara, it offers a greater and better experience to the Maasai Mara with a lesser human interference and a chance for more up-close clicks at the predators speeding out on the largest spectacle of millions of Wildebeest and zebras colonizing the plain savannahs in between June to October.

Also home to the World’s largest unbroken un-flooded volcanic caldera, “NGORONGORO CRATER” on the eastern side, which provides a natural enclosure that is home to Elephants, rhinos, Lions, Buffaloes and Leopards, perfect for a day safari, is just a click away at a Birds view from the top.


Predominant Rugged acacia vegetation on plains transitioning into the sandy rugged hills of Kalahari and a variety of wildlife species trying to get the best out of the salt pans, Hwange is one of Africa’s premier conservation areas and Zimbabwe’s best Park dominated by mopane woodland on the northern side with the Largest wild dog population in Africa and large herds of elephants.


Mountainous with deep valleys and misty thundering waterfalls, Famed for Mountain gorilla trekking like the Volcanoes national park, with high elevations, dense vegetation and a major source of 5 rivers flowing into Lake Edward there’s a reason it’s called impenetrable. Bwindi is home to African forest elephants, over 120 mammal species, thousands of primates and an outstanding bird and insect haven.

Attached to lush green vegetation, dense tropical forests, Overflowing Rivers and countless numerous hills making it perfect to sustain the 2nd Largest River in the world “River Nile”, it’s all in the name of Uganda.

But there’s another side of Uganda, “KIDEPO VALLEY NATIONAL PARK” on the Northern side not so much explored. A Spectacular massive savannah on a picture perfect landscape lays a herd of healthy buffaloes that could get you at robot speed in its rage. It’s quite an exclusive and quiet park quite rewarding with its variety of wildlife species.


“Place of war,” as the  Gorongosa name locally suggests, mention the Rift Valley and you know you have grandiose landscapes transitioning from Mt. Gorongosa waterfalls down gorges, forests, plains to lakes to show off. Located at the southern end of the Great Rift Valley Gorongosa once a home to the most dense wildlife population reduced by war is now in recovery and home to Herds of Elephants, Buffaloes, Lions and a variety of other wildlife species.  This is one of Africa’s greatest restoration project and a foot safari gives you time to take in the wilderness and connect with a sad story turned into a victorious story.

 And Yes since this was a top 10 list with only one mention of each country how about dessert as I Love my country twice and would not leave out Amboseli. This is why the name Safari originated from Kenya; we are the icing of your Safari.


Large herds of elephants strolling on flat terrains and expansive savannahs with a backdrop of pure glittering white ice slowly melting from the clear blue skies over a curvaceous glorious mountain I wouldn’t call it a perfect Safari but I’d say this is the most breathtaking view you can get from any Safari .  To ice up your safari you can plan for a climb up Mt. Kilimanjaro to compare the view from up to the amazing one from below if Standing in between two countries at the peak is not sufficiently rewarding. Complete with Amazing campsites to watch the sunrise or set over the mountain and lazy evening drives while a baby elephant tries to outsmart the speed of your Land rover or a Maasai giraffe scampers away as you drive closer is the Premier of any African Safari.

There’s nothing that beats an

African Safari experience.



Rolling over, teething out, getting territorial, developing more touch, learning how to speak for itself and to outstand as a brand, WILD ROAMERS is Officially 4 months old. Still eyeing my African dream town, ‘CAPE TOWN’ and the beautiful Table Mountains.  I’ve been stuck on the road more than I’ve slept, completed my first ever Mountain climbing, Sailed on dangerous canoes, captured my first moon, camouflaged into an Islam woman, had the worst constipation for bad eating, captured more sunsets, chased more sunrises and waterfalls yet am still so focused on the journey  and the horizon.What! It seems just like the other day we brought forth this baby. Four months is a little time to determine where or how the baby will grow but I can tell you, this is the most crucial time for any foundation and so far it is unshakable. Sleepless weekends have become a norm, especially since I have to juggle between my hectic formal day job during the week and try to be creative, travel and write on weekends.

I haven’t shared my bucket list places on a list but I do throw them randomly on posts and I decided maybe today would be a good day to share. Then again I looked at those images and the story of how they get me shivering and it would take a very long post, which I would have to do differently next Monday. LOOK OUT!

I vividly remember when I was starting to think about this blog, actually 2 years ago when the currently famous local fashion blogs were starting. I had an idea, I didn’t know how to visualize, or put it into place. My friend Mike the developer of it kept telling me not to give up on what I want since I kept talking about it. Right now I wish I’d started it back then, but then again Gods timing is best and am glad at where we are.

Both of us were the reason we kept pushing it. He had a job, I had No money to pay him to create my idea into a tangible something and he had to really find time to create it at least for free. Then I kept pushing him and he kept giving dates, at some point I got mad and he got mad back  that I wasn’t  understanding  the work that goes into it and considering I wasn’t paying him yet.

Hey Mikey 🙂 we made it.Now four months old and I can testify the work is not easy. They never gave a manual that told me blogging was hard and should be a full-time job especially TRAVEL BLOGGING. Recently, I was chatting up with my friends how hard it is to visualize your dream yet that’s the only thing that makes you happy. I mean you get stuck in traffic because people are driving and where do you think they got the cars? WORK. Should they stop working just because traffic is annoying and they don’t want to own good cars and add to traffic that is already so annoying?Most of my friends are avid readers of my blog and I even sent my Dad a link once, and it goes without saying that; when you are asked for the link first thing on every Monday morning then it feels like you have bosses who are looking at your work and there’s never a sleeping moment at work. That post has to be there every Monday Morning. And hey here it is 🙂 The fun bit of it is every time I grab a bag into the car, the story just flows. I don’t even ever think of how am going to write about that specific trip but the story naturally flows,  because out there,  there’s always something new to see, eat, do or experiment. There’s always a new person and a new adventure and that flames up my spirit.The challenging moments are clients who want specific things done their way and trust me you have to deliver. The joy is always to have a happy client and I thank God for my creativity. The experiences have been amazing so far, the work fruitful and the vacations that are work have quite been a learning experience.If I have to confess, I always thought fashion blogging was ‘THE LIFE’, and I still think it is but in an easier taste. You have a photographer who takes your awesome photos then  edits them, and all you have to do is post them up with some citing of where to shop for that and SNAP! It’s done.  I didn’t think about the money put to get the clothes and pay the photographers for their creativity.Travel Blogging is somehow different. You are the creator, editor, writer, and your own photographer and sometimes even your own sponsor; you have to be creative and so natural about everything. The place you visit has been visited by probably millions of people before you but you have to create your own story, your personal adventure and share it to the world be it good mostly or bad at times.Every morning I step out of bed I know exactly where Wild roamers is headed, what’s best for my baby and what’s not. Greatest of them all is you my Lovely readers, the emails, advice, responses and comments are all that we need to grow as a family.

Keep Reading and giving feedback.

Thanks and Much Love.

While my sun sets to rise again and sunsets are the closest thing to God, whether over  the ocean , in the wild or just from your bedroom window there’s just the perfection feeling and Love that hits you with the rays. Like Rabindranath Tagore puts it  “Clouds come floating into my life, no longer to carry rain or usher storm, but to add color to my sunset sky.”

 I’ve always wanted to do a road trip with just my clique but as much fun as that seems it’s the hardest thing to do. While you want to satisfy and make everyone happy, you are torn between who has a better idea and plan. The planning alone drains all your white blood cells if not enough, all your energy. Apart from having to work out a time frame that fits all your cliques’ work schedules, people back out the last minute and there is even a big chance of you being left alone but with such a crew am still hopeful of one successful road trip across country borders.

I wanted so much for my birthday yet the only thing I didn’t think about was cake. A road trip with my friends, my inspiration sunrise art piece, too much Wine, an off day from work and a lover maybe if not birthday sex. (Not my words). Have you checked the meaning of road tripping on urban dictionary yet, “the act of getting buzzed on the drive to the party so you do not have to endure being the soberest person at the party.”  OKAY I’ll leave it at that.

I got the first three plus one of the best sunsets and couldn’t be happier. With 5 of my friends off to Nakuru with a perfect plan of Lake Nakuru which didn’t happen. We ended up at Lord Egerton, me for the 2nd time here and then off to Lake Elementaita for the sunrise. I won’t talk much about these places as I have done earlier posts about them  Here

and Here.

Today I just wanted to share the photos and maybe a few To Do’s about group trips .

  1. Watch out for time and stick to the planned time.
  2. If the trip involves only your friends don’t count on them too much since better or urgent issues might arise from their side.
  3. By all means be ready to even go alone both financially and psychologically just in case they back out.
  4. Have a prior clear plan and have payments made early just to avoid last minute change of mind
  5. Do enough research of area of visit before you embark on planning just to ensure everything is catered for.
  6. Plan to have fun, create fun and be easy let everything naturally flow.

And you are good to go.

That said, there are so many times I’ve embarked on random trips alone  not because I don’t have people around me but because it’s too much work to coordinate a group of different human beings.

Anyway I just turned 25 and am still out here chasing sunsets, having the time of my life, pouring more wine and wearing rugged clothes ‘(insert:Kanye design)’  yet my major problem right now is to find a man I can coordinate my genes with in a science lab and stand bringing up a creation that looks like him even in his absence. The pressure is too much: sigh!” I haven’t been to my Grandmother’s in years now partly because everyone else has a baby and here I am acting all self-capable. Is that the 26 cliche baby fever around the corner? You tell me.

While social media has made it easier to track people, I see almost 80% of my classmates getting married and pregnant yet am still here working too hard to afford a life of my own and majorly get tickets to travel.  Maybe a baby might just be a pension plan.

I’ve just remembered my struggles:

Do those DIY YouTube videos really work quite easily as they make it seem? Since I’ve been piling wine bottles, yesterday my idle bored self, tried so hard to cut  wine bottles  into some home art pieces and after trying so many times i gave up. This was after I’d watched like 10 DIY cutting glass bottles videos and I was sure it was easy. I followed all the steps but nothing. Am still yet to be bored again and give it a second try. This is not the first time though am trying the DIY’s not specifically for bottles but I’ve done it before for other stuff. 

While I’ve tried to keep my travel plans this year I wish for more and more. I can’t wait for my next year Birthday trip and if am not accidentally pregnant, then to bigger and better all in God’s will.

What do you do for your birthdays, apart from get high on calories? Any ideas on places to visit this year? How do you get to organize a successful group trip with your friends? I’d like to hear.

When I admire the wonders of a sunset or the beauty of the moon, my soul expands in the worship of the creator.

Mahatma Gandhi