Rippling over rocks, splashing and squeezing through gorges, curving gently around forests and lush green islands, gushing into waterfalls and calming into pools, the view of the River Nile is so breathtaking and more magical at sunset.

While Famous is one thing and Popular is another, I can’t really define what River Nile is apart from it’s the World’s Longest river at 6,650Kms and Runs from Uganda through 9 other countries, Via 4 main African cities and into the Mediterranean sea.  It is a major source of electricity production and a source of living to a very large population in all the countries it goes through. It is also a major tourist attraction in all the cities it goes through.

The Other main Reason for this trip apart from my Bungee jumping (next post) was to cruise at the famous Source of River Nile and capture amazing sun shots (if you’ve been reading by now you know am so into sunsets and rises) .

So, on one of the mornings, up early and set out for the day we headed out for breakfast. I don’t take tea; rather I generally hate hot drinks, so I ordered for Juice and a chapo (i always forget to take food pics, i should do this more in 2017). Ugandan Chapos are life, one chapo and you are down, actually this became my meal throughout my stay cause am not the person to experiment with foods and I’d found my perfect happy place.

We then headed out to Bujagali falls and ancestral site where we were given some history of River Nile and the Busoga Kingdom and culture. The falls here are now submerged due to a hydroelectric dam constructed, and are now the Bujagali Lake which is interspersed by Lush green tree covered islands.

After walking around the respected historical site we took a boat ride to see the cave where over 80 years old ‘Nabamba Budhaghali’ their spiritual leader, traditional healer and witchdoctor lives.

You can only access the cave via boat, one simple slide from the cave and you end up in water, and the water is quite deep here, don’t be fooled by these photos we took. We didn’t find him in the cave though, so we took a walk around then headed back to the shore.

We then drove off to the Source of River Nile which is  a few Kms from Jinja town like 10Km or less  I guess and unlike our previous Itanda falls search this was easy. We drive downhill and for a moment you think you might end up in water, as the road literally ends up in water.

The locals here are selling fresh fish, but we ask them to take us fishing with them. Unluckily it’s not fishing time but they agree to show us their fishing grounds and set ups. We then get on a boat to the source. (I lost count of boat rides I took in Uganda). Boat rides, Sunset cruises and Jet skiing there’s just too much playing with water in the Nile.

The source of the Nile is from an underground spring at the Neck of Lake Victoria, and with a Large signpost marked just before the lake there is no way you can miss it. You can actually clearly see the bubbles from the spring and difference in water movement from the spring and that from the lake. The spring contributes 30% of the water while the other 70% is from the lake and other sources.

There is a small hut constructed at the source where you can get out of the boat and have a view of the source and even walk around and take photos. We sailed the boat across the source and for a moment I thought, “what if we sink!” but hey you can’t and it’s quite an amazing experience.

We then sailed off to the fishing zones, and I’d never seen this fishing setup before. We came across several bird species and quite a huge number of kingfishers taking advantage of the laid fishing traps.

We also got to see a variety of bird species, and ooh! i learnt that these birds excretion can burn down a tree over time, because of  their fish consumption and concentrated uric acid and like cats if a large population of birds excrete over and over at the same place.

We also got to see the Ugandan Lake Victoria Port  and Power generation plant but we were not allowed to go near , (Did i ever tell you we were once caught taking photos near an airstrip  and the Ugandan police are not friendly). There are so many places you shouldn’t take photos; like the Nile bridge which upto now i think is so unfair.

Our next stop was at a recreational park at the shore of Lake Victoria. It is a small privately owned park just after the Source, perfect for a walk and view of the sun setting.

A walk around led us to see some wild animals in cages, Reptiles majorly (I feel like posting snakes but i’ll spare you the horror). Who else like me Loves those NatGeo animal horror  programmes that get your adrenaline high. Ha-ha!

We also got to learn more about the ugandan lifestyle and traditions, including their tools and structures.

By now the sun was setting and we were so lucky to witness the sun set over the source of the Nile and Lake Victoria. We then went to the restaurant had some fish and Proceeded back to Jinja.

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Have you been to Jinja? What activities did you do and what was your experience? Leave a comment.


Love and Love.

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