I always find myself making random plans and having random ideas on long weekends which mostly end up being the best of my experiences and this, was one of them.

The initial Idea was to go hiking on Mt.Longonot but of course you can guess, being a random idea made in the morning while debating whether to wake up or sleep an extra 20 minutes, I was late and couldn’t make to go up 5 hours on the Hot sun. So we opted to change plans and ended up on the nearby Lake.

Well its time to head over see what Lake Elementaita has.

In  between Nakuru and Naivasha town on  the Nakuru-Nairobi highway, sits a calm quiet lake  on the floor of the Rift valley. There’s not much activity going on here and a flock of Pink birds floating and feeding from the water is your welcome site.

Lake Elementaita is a very shallow watermass, partially covered with blue-green algae and   surrounded by reed beds  that are home for pelicans and herons. Flamingoes here visit the lake to feed on insect larvae and algae.

Its surrounded by a number of beautiful quiet campsite  on the hills, Lake view hotels and lodges near the lake shores and grazelands for zebra, gazelles, elands and warthogs.

It has  very beautiful scenic sites and its worth some quiet time and bonding out of town. Apart from being a breeding and forage sites for a variety of birds and animals, I was surprised there’s no any other activity going on at the lake. It leaves you abundant time to choose visiting one or two of the many surrounding prehistoric sites and other sceneries or have a good lunch at the hotels.

Well its time to Pack up and head over to Lake Naivasha.

Have you been to Elementaita before? What was your experience? Going anytime soon?

Come share with us.

Love n Love

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