Scooped off the airport to a bush camp, hiking on great picture square landscapes with a tropical warm climate, trailing through cold dewy grass on early mornings for a picnic or gazing and sleeping under millions of glimmering stars are part of any dreamy camping adventure to take in with the fresh moist morning air. Whether it’s for meditation purposes, just bonding with friends or team building, camping tends to be one of the most refreshing activities to the human soul. With the thought of waking up to a great landscape view outside your tent and taking in some wild silence, Yogis would take up this activity any day and you should know why.

Am not really talking about the luxurious camps that are already all set and act up as a shift house in the wild today, but I’d like you to really be down for the whole rugged camping experience whether you are whizzed off to the Mara or you just took a local road trip to Kicheche camp. Camping is really about setting up that tent in the middle of the wild, sleeping in a sleeping bag and circling out a fire at night pushing pieces of sticks in and cuddling around to grab any warmth. The big Question is:



Sleeping gear: (Tent, Sleeping bag, air pump, Shuka, Rope)
Meals: (Food, Drinks, disposable utensils, napkins, coolers, fire, foil, water container, Spice Rack, Water purification tablets)
Supplies: (Flashlight; glow in the dark does magic here, wood, lighter, Camera, Telescope, Sharp pocket knife, Plastic bags)
Personal items: (Map/Compass, First aid kit, Raingear, Insect repellant, whistle, Water bottle, toiletries)
Dressing: (Alternate weather wear, Comfortable hiking shoes; shoes are everything, Socks, Gloves, scarf)
Positive attitude, energy and good health.

Photo source: Oloiden campsite


Most camping sites are well located within other scenic sites and attractions, widespread through national parks and preserved within boundaries that are favorable for outdoor fun activities and adventures. All you need is space to choose your favorite spot to pitch a tent.

1. Sagana Rapids Camp

Outstanding view points of the rapids falling at Sagana river, dewy air and evergreen scenic landscape offer a reason to pitch a tent here and wake up to take it all in. As a plus the grills offered are perfect for a bush breakfast and the foodies team just out to relax, enjoy and have loads of laughter, while bungee jumping and water rafting is calling for adrenaline junkies.
More info: Sagana camping

2. Ngare Ndare Forest

Swing on rusty rickety ropes across trees on a boardwalk in the indigenous Ngare Ndare forest then set up camp on a seven meter tall tree platform overlooking the forest, lazing elephants and the blue pool. Wake up to some dewy air and take a leap of faith into the icy blue pool for some refreshing bath.
More info: Ngare ndare Camps

3. Carnelley’s Camp Naivasha.

The shores of Lake Naivasha have numerous camping sites, from luxurious tented camps to various camp grounds that are hard to choose one from. Camp Carnelley’s offers a unique outdoor experience for any adventurer whether looking for some quiet time by the lakeside or some adventure fun activities to bond with family. Wake up to hippos trying to have their last bite before the sun goes up or just some cold breeze from the lake and swinging monkeys. A Fully stocked kitchen and bar are a plus at the campsite for your comfort.
More info: Camp carnelley’s
Also visit OLOIDEN CAMP SITE on the shores of Lake Oloiden, Naivasha for an almost similar experience.  More Info: Oloiden Camp

Photo source: Oloiden campsite

4. Hell’s Gate National Park.

Take a walk through beautifully textured gorges that have a rich history of geological activities over time. Enjoy some rock climbing at Fischer’s tower or bike riding up to the geothermal power station and take a dive into the geothermal spa pool then pitch a tent on one of the escarpment tops overlooking the heavenly lush park that is Hell’s gate. Wake up to a misty landscape and wild animals busy grazing on the foothills of numerous escarpments.
More info:  Hells gate Camping

5. Rowallan Camp,Nairobi

A scout’s campsite located within the capital city, 9km away on Ngong road overlooking the Ngong hills and Ngong forest. It offers a short hike into Ngong Road forest reserves caves, bird watching, lush scenic view of the Ngong forest and monkeys swinging dances from one tree to another. It is quite a rewarding pocket friendly camping adventure within the city.
More info: Rowallan scouts camp

6. Mt. Ololokwe, Isiolo

Camping in the Northern parts of Kenya offers a different experience. It’s not the usual dewy morning and drizzly night but a rather cold and dry evening with raging winds over the drier savannah. Samburu has quite some cultural experience and coupling that with a camp out would make for a total fun Samburu adventure.
Camp at the table of Mt. Ololokwe, a sheer cliffed 2000ft flat topped mountain that offers a scenic view to the whole Samburu region far and wide after a 4hr hike or at the foothills for a rather comfortable camp experience. If you camp at the top you’ll need to carry all your camping essentials.
More info: Sabache Camp

Photo source: Scrapbook journeys.

7. Wildebeest Eco-Camp Nairobi

An eco-camp on the outskirts of Nairobi offering all budget travel services. While its luxurious and deluxe safari tented camps are so tempting, they also offer personalized camping services. You can pitch a tent that’s just a stone throw away to the City’s national park, airport and malls for all your city adventures while still enjoying the wild experience. It offers a quiet experience away from the noisy city Centre, beautiful gardens to relax and some peaceful time away.
More info: Eco-Camp

8. Chyulu hills, Campi ya Kanzi

Wake up to countless lush green hills popping out of the foothills of Mt. Kilimanjaro that forms a massive backdrop and the red head Maasai strolling with his livestock. Camp out near the Kisula lava caves and experience the thrilling cave adventures or at the hill top and enjoy the beautiful green rugged and varied landscape scenery.
At the foothills Campi ya Kanzi offers more luxurious and prestigious tents and services for a more authentic and comfortable wild experience.

9. Kembu Farm, Nakuru

Photo source: Kembu Farm

A farm that is designed to offer a more unique outdoor experience. Camping in the backyard, in the woodlands or on tree tops, pitch a tent and take in some quiet time. It is characteristic of Beautiful and peaceful gardens and personalized self-sufficient services on request.

10. Naiberi River Campsite and Resort

Just outside Eldoret town this resort is rated a top tourist destination in Eldoret for a quiet chill out place. Popularized by a massive pool and a fully stocked bar it are ideal friends hang out fun place.
You can set up a tent on request and get any other personalized services intended for a more comfortable and fun stay. It is a must stop for any visit to Eldoret.   More info:  Naiberi campsite

Photo source: Naiberi campsite



Special Private camping

Offer a more comfortable personalized and private camping experience mainly involving all essentials provided from tents to flush toilets, wood and even hot showers and a kitchen and bar facilities. More luxurious and easy to manage. Need to Check for advance booking.

Public Park Camping

Most national parks and reserves offer camping grounds for guests to pitch tents with just basic facilities like a toilet and zero other essential facilities. You have to carry your own stuff. Some may provide bandas and movable tents for hire and they are mainly shared with other campers.


Location:   How far it is, how you’ll get there and if it’s favorable for you.
Accessibility to tents:  How to access the campsite, whether its uphill and you need to hike, or it’s on an island and you need a boat ride or it’s near a river and if you are okay with the surrounding and how to access it.
Water supply and other amenities:  Availability of clean water and if you need to carry your own tents, kitchen supplies and any other essentials not provided.
Attractions and scenic sites:  The nearby scenic beauty and fun activities you can indulge in while camping.
Safety: As much as you want a wild experience, you don’t want to be trampled over at night by an elephant, so check out the safety standards and measures of the campsite location.

                                                                                                 🙂    🙂
Camping is all about sleeping in the wild with the wild. Whether you decide to pitch a tent or just sleep under the stars around a bonfire, the experience is always authentic and memorable.

Share your camping experience on the comments.
Look out for the more luxurious deluxe camps in a next Post. 🙂

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