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Hi.. I’m CLAL

Wherever you go becomes a part of you somehow, So Take Only MEMORIES and Leave FOOTPRINTS.

Being the kind of person who always loves being away from home the urge to travel is new with every sunrise .I first took my first trip when i was 6 years old, not on my own of course. I remember that trip like its just the other day. Passionate about travel, photography and telling my travel stories, Currently i just travel for adventure and photography. Am always looking to find new places,meet a new person,learn new cultures,taste weird food and the craving grows on each trip i take. While exposing myself to wild risks and stacking my adrenaline a bit all in search of adventure i’ve come to learn that No place is ever as bad as they say it is. Follow me, Join and reach out along the way, as i look for sunsets, life stories and photograph my adventures to inspire you to take your next trip.


Step into a real world nature intrigue, marvel at the magnificent golden savannahs and vast plains harboring world’s Most threatened wildlife species, look back into the origins of…