“Thats me holding a Live Rhino I Swear” And nothing beats that fear and excitement. *Just Timeless*

Definitely one of my most exciting places to be ever in is Olpejeta Conservancy, I could give you a thousand reasons why, but am thinking you would like my photo collection more.

Well let’s drive 3 hours down  to Nanyuki  from Nairobi. Situated in between the foothills of Abardares and the snowcapped Mount Kenya and yes  you can see the Beautiful  Mt.Kenya  from The Sweetwaters Tented Camp in the morning.

Olpejeta is known in the world to be the 2nd place after Czech that has 2 of the remaining  Northern white rhinos, yes you need to see this to understand the feeling. Make sure you visit the endangered species boma to learn more about The Northern white rhinos, Hartebeest and Grevy Zebra.

It’s  one of the largest rhino sanctuary in East Africa with quite a number of southern white rhinos and black rhinos, and I learnt from the friendly rangers and tour guides the differences between White rhinos and Black rhinos and Please note there’s nothing like  black and white colour,sorry Why don’t you go find out because its more interesting that way.

Have you seen the equator? Well me neither, but I have  touched it, yes I mean imaginarily at Olpejeta and you might need your GPS to be sure you stand exactly where it passes and get that imaginary amazement too.. Hahaha. You haven’t seen the rage of a Black Rhino till it hits your car and you have to make that same car race in the bush for your dear life. Point I took home, never ever play with any wild animal with a motherly instinct.

Ready for the ultimate weekend experience, well let the game drives begin at 6 a.m., embrace the morning breeze and get to see the sunrise of course. I learnt that this was the best time for game drives as you get to see most carnivores which usually hunt in the early hour, and yes I was lucky enough to see a cheetah for the first time ever, not just one but  2 different families with cubs, accounting to 10 cheetahs. Trust me You physically count Cats Because it’s so Damn exciting to see many of them.

Have you been to a game drive and ended up just seeing Zebras *hahaha* well, sorry but that’s funny. Olpejeta has one of the widest variety of animals in the region talk of the big five i.e.  Lions, Elephants, Rhinos, Cheetahs, Buffalo and Leopard plus many other animals with my favorite animal the Eland. The Eland is quite beautiful and if I was to have it as a pet let’s just say my life would be complete.

My 1st day experience was my best day in terms of getting to see  most animals up-close. Talk of the much I learnt about the rhino sanctuary and the efforts done to take care of these unique valuable creatures. The grevy zebra, note this is the most beautiful species of Zebra I’ve come across; and hartebeest are also valued and more effort is done to monitor and  take care of these animals.

‘Mufasa’ as we call the King of the Jungle  is another wild gem. I got to be so lucky to join Olpejeta’s Lion tracking and see Lions.

I don’t remember how many but I lost count after seeing 3 two-day old lion cubs cause I was  told you got to be very lucky to have that opportunity of seeing cubs in their first two months.

Well you never forget things like seeing how mothers bond with and feed their young ones in the wild.

Look at that, Even the wildest of them all has a weakspot.

As the sun sets if you want to stay over, they have one of the best Camping sites Here  and luxurious accommodation.

The Sweetwaters Tented Camp Here

Ol Pejeta Bush Camp Here

Porini Rhino Camp Here

Kicheche Laikipia Camp Here

Pelican House Here

I forgot to tell you they keep livestock as part of their wildlife-livestock integration  conservation program,and  I mean Boran cattle and if you know what am talking about make sure you order beef daily because that ranch meat is something else.

Just say I missed the sunrise n set the first day, but please look forward  to my other Piece , I got a very unique story on chimps and other animals I came across, and yes I made it to get a sneak view of the sunrise and a review of some fun activities.

Who has been to Olpejeta? What was your game drive and camping experience like? 

What are some tips on having the best game drives ?

Love n Love

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