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🙂 Like everyone else who lives in Nairobi, “Ticks Naivasha off bucket list” Who am I kidding, Not me really cause I’ve been here thrice now. I don’t get how people travel to just tick off destinations. Most of the places I’ve been to, I have gone back and got totally new and different experiences, or wish to go back.

There’s just something about memories and experiences of travel, that immediately you leave a place you want to go back to explore more, or even have the same experience over and over.

Well let’s get back to Naivasha, mainly known for quick weekend getaways from the City. It’s just two hours’ drive away and you land in a series of luxurious resorts and campsites then you realize you have been so poor in choices all your life, “Ha-ha”.

If I was doing an advertisement, this is where I’d score an A cause I’d put in a whole hour to tell beautiful stories of most of them. That said, I guess by now you get my point, ‘your weekend homes are perfect and you are spoilt for choice’.

Like most offshore resorts I’ve been to its interesting how the entrances always have this “You can never guess what happens here at the back” feeling and Like Mwewe camp, Lake Naivasha Crescent camp is one of those. We really wanted to do a shift tent camp on this trip but the weather wasn’t friendly and from my camp experience before, the cold at night is not so friendly outside, so that idea was out.

Well it’s time to take a Boat ride to Crescent Island.  I’ve never been 2 meters away from a Hippo before and “wuueh” as scary as that can get, wait until it suddenly emerges from water and splashes water on you then you realize you have a screaming talent. By the way I never screamed when the Olpejeta rhino hit our car, dumbfound shock, my friend.

There are also a variety of bird species here and the Kingfisher is monster of them all. You need to see it catch fish, and you’ll feel sorry for how the eagle misses chicks.

The outstanding thing about this lake is the dried up yellow barked acacia standing in the water with quite a story you need to go find out.

Crescent Island Game Sanctuary is home to some wild animals but purely no predators, and a walk here among the animals is so refreshing.

Besides you have the monkeys jumping from branch to branch all around you and playing hide and seek games with you to make your walk more interesting.

Our evening boat ride took us to the one of the most beautiful islands I’ve seen. And if my future half is reading this, “can we get that house up there for our vacations, apart from the Maldives Christmas holidays”. Dreaaaams, Okay.

I know I’ve said I love water masses before and cold water is why I hate swimming, but these fishermen were not even aware of the cold weather. Clearly bread doesn’t come on the table easy, but again they seemed to have fun at it. Lake Naivasha is a fresh water lake and hence a great source of income to the surrounding community.

Now that I think about it, “Aren’t they scared of those huge hippos that emerge out of nowhere in the lake”

Outside the camp a few miles from Crescent camp we have a ‘public beach’ where the fishermen sell fish to tourists. They also have bike riding and Camel rides. Did I ever say am so scared of being on an animal, “Ha-ha” there’s this time I thought horse riding was fancy so I tried. You can’t guess what happened, I screamed the hell out immediately it started moving and as much as the guard told me to relax I couldn’t hear any of it till he had to let me down. That was the best day for my small brother; he laughed his heart out leave alone the people staring at me.

I know I love wild animals, but ‘weeh’ in life there are things you don’t play with and we all have phobias,  right? But am planning a trip to samburu and camels are involved. Let’s wait see what happens.

Have you been to Naivasha before? What was your experience like? What activities did you do?

Love and Love.

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