I grew up knowing castles are only meant to be built on air. The way that teacher used to walk to class and crush our dreams literally during morning preps is just so “inhuman.” ”Stop building castles in the air and open your Math’s books”, he shouted every morning whenever he came for dawn preps. I never actually saw any castle till at 24 years. When I sit and ask myself how a sane person would refuse a castle in real life,  leave alone most of us can’t even say no to a  Buffet Lunch especially if that invitation comes in January or for me in February, i just don’t get it.

Am glad am writing about this just in time when a Kenyan couple had a hundred shillings wedding and moved on and over with it. But the public saw it not fit to be happy with a 100 shillings, the lifestyle pressure to live a certain type of way or maintain specific standards is just torture at times. I am not trying to sound all pretentious but I wish I was born with that simple heart. Life would be so easy and perhaps I’d be having a 3-4 year old mini-me running around and draining all my energy.

Am I still relevant to whatever agenda I had in mind? I also don’t know…Ha…haha and I can’t even tell why all my posts by coincidence these past months have a hint of Love, I guess it just comes naturally with February.


So this is it, in 1930 Lord Maurice Egerton built a castle, not just a normal castle, but we are talking of a 52-room, 4-storey castle built on a 100-acre piece of land, from imported expensive materials for a special Austrian woman he loved and wished to be engaged to. The Irony of it all is this woman rejected all of this not once but twice and humiliated him in front of his friends. (Am I the only one who needs a break to visualize that scenario?)

Okay, while at it……

On your left on the Eldoret-Nakuru highway, 14 kms from Nakuru stands an iconic architectural masterpiece built in the 40’s on an expansive piece of land now under Egerton University which was founded as an agricultural institution. Maurice turned his dedication into farming and education after being heartbroken and hating women, dogs and chicken for specific reasons.

There is so many stories behind the castle that you need to know, hence it is a place worth going to especially on a weekend afternoon.

On my visit here, actually on a Saturday there was a beautiful wedding going on at the perfect lawn gardens which is the most ironic fact. The castle is now a great tourist site and perfect location for weddings and events especially for people around Nakuru.

A walk Inside the various rooms showcases different tools and equipment including a large size ballroom and display of his musical instruments.

While I keep telling my friends a woman Loves you for one or a combination of one of the three things: Love, Sex and money I think every woman is different and you just need to know why she is with you and if you want her around then you need to satisfy her need. Maybe you can share what you think.

Till we talk again…

Love and Love.

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