Beautiful scenes of lush green grass and the yellow barked acacia offering shade to the littered wildlife on the roadside is our welcome site. One of my weird habits is making sure I don’t dine in my place of accommodation and if I have to then it happens once when am super exhausted from a day of adventure.

Well this is usually not easy, especially if you ain’t a foodie like me and always fall hungry just when you are about to sleep, or remember you didn’t eat when you are leaving and you are so behind schedule.

The good side of this is you get to sample many hotels in your few days stay, you just need your accommodation sorted, and then you can have a whole list of away places to visit and your meals whenever and wherever you see good food or feel hungry.

The Downside is you come across a heavenly place than where you are staying and then you wish you can shift, but then you already paid for the whole week stay in your former place and you are tied to your funds, that’s what we call real discipline and self-control. Well, wishes are just that; “Wishes”, sit Order for lunch, eat and move along. Happened to me once in coast and I had to pay for a single night in a different resort just to let the cursing go, get over it and move on. It was the exact feeling you get when you see a classy fashion piece that you can’t afford.

Here it was happening again, Lake Oloiden was one of those hard choices you have to make.

On our drive back to Naivasha from Hells gate, at a distance we saw this isolated beautiful small lake. I actually thought its part of Lake Naivasha, so I asked our guide. “That’s Lake Oloiden and yes it was part of Lake Naivasha before but it’s now separated by around 200 meters, do you want to go?” Yes of course I answered with no hesitation.

Lake Oloiden “meaning Salty lake” is a few Kms from the Olkaria gate if you are coming from Hells gate and around 25km from Naivasha. It’s quite a secretive place located past a small Maasai center and not so popular to the outside population but the Maasai community around here holds it in so much regard.

It has an underground inlet with volcanic ash which makes it salty. It is a home to a few hippos, and a variety of bird species and surrounded by a number of wildlife species like the Warthogs, Giraffes, Gazelles, Zebras and Baboons just to name what I saw .

We didn’t get to see any flamingoes on our visit though we were told it’s a great home of flamingoes which move here especially during the wet season when the water level in Lake Nakuru increases.

We walked around the lake enjoying the views and interacting with the locals.

Boat safaris are available to the lake, but the scenery and quietness is just quite everything if you are looking for a private escapade. There is the Oloiden campsite where you can pitch camp for the night and I think a weekend here with friends would be perfect. “We should have camped here,” Just wishes. We grab some fish with Ugali for Lunch then head off.

The best of places are the Unknown.

Thanks for stopping by.

Love and Love.

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