The skillfully done unending winding Kabarnet roads from the hill top down, rugged and hilly landscape and magnificent floor views is something you’ve definitely heard of. Any Eldoret road trip always winds up in Iten (Kerio valley) for some reason, the view down to Kerio is just so breathtaking and amazingly refreshing. I’ve taken that drive quite a number of times since I settled down in Eldoret and we can just say any lazy weekend is a perfect time for Iten. Am yet to talk about how and why I moved out of Nairobi, but the reasons that made me stay and love it more here are countless.

Why you should Visit Kerio Valley.

While here I’ve discovered some out of town places you can drive to and take the fresh air all in and if you are up for the hike challenge you can tick them all off in a day or two.

KERIO VALLEY  (Iten View Point).

Drive Approximately 35 Km from Eldoret town on a an endless winding road to the outskirts of Iten, Sit down on a loose hanging rock and watch the sunset sparkling some orange colour to the horizon skyline. In between Tugen hills and Elgeyo escarpment breathtaking Views from down here show you the massive green fields at the floor of the escarpment that make rich the Elgeyo Marakwet county. The hanging restaurant is also a nice place to grab some late lunch or evening tea before you head back home.


Just before entering Baringo county after ending the infamous winding roads down on your left is Chebloch Gorge. This gorge was formed as a result of the Rift Valley volcanic activity and it’s now a tourist attraction here, telling by the number of locals and schools you find here. Most people are on a drive and just stop over to look at the beautiful Gorge, rocks, the river flowing in between the cliffs and divers. On one side of the Eldoret-Kabarnet road is where the divers are and on the other side is where the high cliff gorge starts. Walk down to the river, head over to the gorge and if you are up for the task try some rock climbing.


 Wake up at dawn drive down to Iten and on your right just before Tambach take up a hike, you can organize early to do it with some Elgeyo Marakwet runners who practice along the trails and end up on some breathtaking massive waterfall right in the middle of woods on the top of a densely covered green hill. Filled with silence and zero life apart from the trees breathing in your sweaty air this place is a rewarding masterpiece.


Kruger’s is the home of gently moving Rothschild’s giraffes sticking out slender beautiful necks from in between branches while trying to curl and twist their tongues to pluck out the narrow acacia leaves from thorns. It also has a large family of Oryx wandering around. While this farm is a wildlife sanctuary for theses Giraffes it is also a massive piece of rugged landscape with rolling fields of wheat and breathtaking views of Kerio hills and slopes.

KERIO FLUORSPAR Mining (Hunting for some Precious stone)

I took one weird trip to Iten and this time it was to end up at the fluorspar mining zone. The best of places are never on any map, and this is one of those undiscovered places. Did I mention how far and interior that place is? I got into a matatu that ended up in some uphill small Centre, I can’t recall the name. That was the last Centre with say vehicles or rather a means of transportation to the quarries, meaning from that point you have to find your way down. By now it was getting to 5 p.m. and asking around we were told the only means of transportation down was a lorry, one of those transporting fluorspar/sand but at this time transports women from the market on market days. So we quickly walked down hill to the market Centre and jumped into one without even thinking how we’ll get back the next day. Well, they say the Key to enjoying any trip is flexibility and taking risk, right?There are some nice simple camp huts in the middle of the forest that host guests on early booking or availability. While the views of Kerio are breathtaking and the fresh air so refreshing, the quietness in this place is perfect.

“It is not down in any map; true places never are.” – Herman Melville 🙂 🙂

What are some of the best places you’ve visited in Eldoret?


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