High jumping red head Maasai Moran, magnificent roaming lions of the City Park, human Kissing giraffes, adrenaline swifting cheetahs, Silhouettes of Giant African Elephants on an Icy mountain backdrop or the zebras bringing some colour splash to the golden brown savannahs, the fascinating varied picture square landscapes, elegantly varied cultures and spectacular wildlife species take your breath away on a once in a lifetime Kenyan game safari. Richly endowed with all these magnificent features this would definitely tell you why the word Safari originated from Kenya and maybe why “Hakuna matata” or “Jambo” is every African tourist’s first learning word and should be yours too. Kenya is a Must Visit and a bush safari is not up for any debate either.

1. Wildebeest migration wonder of Maasai Mara N.P.

Contiguous with Tanzania’s Serengeti, this Northern extension is one of the World’s most magnificent Parks, popularized by the millions of wildebeest accompanied by zebras and antelopes thundering over the dry Serengeti plains through the bloodthirsty crocodiles guarding the Mara river to the lush plains of the Maasai Mara every year.
Join a bush safari and chase Rhinos and elephants or even better still Float over the Mara on a breathtaking hot air balloon safari at dawn and catch the best sunrise views over elephants and look out to experience a one off wildlife spectacle of a hungry cheetah pouncing on a fatty gazelle and dragging it up a tree.
Visit a nearby maasai village and dance with the morans while they share their unique cultural practices.

2.Wild Elephants of Amboseli N.P

Also bordering Tanzania, protected by the World’s highest and ice melting Mt. Kilimanjaro that makes for a perfect backdrop, Amboseli is famous for countless families of free ranging Wild African elephants. The varied habitat from Grasslands and wetlands to woodlands make for a perfect home to a variety of wildlife species all the way from the Big 5, other amazing animals and hundreds of bird species which is a must see.

3. Fierce Lions of Tsavo N.P

With the Railway line splitting the Park into West and East this is the largest National Park in East Africa famous for Lions without their identity mane (You remember the story of the man eating lions of Tsavo during the railway construction), and the world’s longest Lava flow experience at the Yatta plateau and you can hike up the lava hill, take a walk down the scary Shetani caves or go freshen up at the Lugard falls on River Galana. Don’t forget to pass by the spring valley aquarium for an underwater fish viewing experience.

4. Giraffes of Nairobi N.P.

Back dropped by city skyscrapers and glimmering lights at dusk, this World’s only National park in the City offers a fascinating bush safari experience and a sanctuary for endangered rhinos. While its world famous for the Ivory burning site in 1989 it still holds Nairobi’s conservation at heart. Lions roam freely, Black rhinos dip their skin in the mud, and giraffes compete with the city’s high building to offer a magnificent backdrop while the buffaloes lazily graze over the dense grasslands.

5. Rhino Conservancies of Laikipia Plains.

Laikipia plains pride in the highest number of conservancies and ranches that pride in conservation and wildlife integration. Olpejeta conservancy is a world wide’s only eye to see the only last standing Northern white rhino (a species that has recently become extinct) while Lewa Conservancy is a UNESCO world heritage site that prides in a success story of community conservation . Safari walks here lead to finding elephants, black rhinos and Lions among other small animals while the waterholes and wildlife blinds bring you closer to these wild animals’ interactions and survival instinct.

6. Pink Flamingoes of Lake Nakuru N.P

Kenya’s premium park that gives the world’s most magnificent flamingo views is home to one of the most Popular great Rift Valley Lakes. Lake Nakuru is home to millions of pink flamingoes trailing over the lake pecking on algae and worms. It is also popular for the abundant black rhinos standing their ground and Lazing lions scouting for some prey under the shade or on short tree branches over a great picture square landscape. 

7.  Arid Samburu, Shaba and Buffalo Springs N.R

Dry bush lands and grasslands characterize the arid Northern Kenya and provide a habitat for the Big 5 and a variety of bird species while hippos and crocodiles guard the Ewaso Nyiro River. The Samburu, Shaba and Buffalo springs National reserve joined by wildlife corridors and bordering each other provide a massive habitat for these wild animals. Any safari experience here is an “Out of Africa” experience worth every penny.

8. Moorland of Aberdares National Park

Indigenous forests, Mountainous topography, rough terrain, foggy atmosphere ,thundering waterfall and rich dense vegetation on the open moorland provide a home to an endangered family of black rhinos, elusive bongo antelopes, forest African elephants, endangered black and white colubus monkey and other magnificent wild animals . While this steep forested ravine park is a protection zone for the Aberdares mountains moorland, Trout fishing, bird watching, nocturnal animal viewing from the tree top lodges and forest walks to the waterfall are a great safari experience.

9. Mountain Snow Capes of Meru National Park

A stretch of dense bushes, rich acacia woodlands and tall open grasslands with a backdrop of Mt. Kenya , meandering river lines outlined by doum palms creates an amazing park that is home to the African leopard, Southern white rhinos, African bush elephant, Maasai lion, buffalo herds and lion prides. As the rapids of Tana River thunder into Adamson’s falls, the snowcapped Mt. Kenya starts to melt down by the first ray of sunlight giving you the best peak views from your camp. There’s no better feeling of “Born free” than the wild experiences and beautiful scenery here.

10. Volcanic Steams of Hells Gate National Park

A Foot Safari walk in between herds of grazing Zebras, impalas, antelopes, Bicycle riding across beautiful golden towering cliffs and belching plumes of geothermal steam, Rock climbing at Fischer’s tower and gorge hiking is what makes Hells gate one of the best Parks in Kenya. With a very rare carnivore spotting this volcanic park dating back to millions of years ago is a campers and hikers paradise with beautiful landscape views, bird watching and adrenaline activities. To top it up, Olkaria Geothermal power station has developed a hot water spa pool that is the coolest thing about this park. Hell’s gate is a successful story of power generation and conservation.

            Kenya is the heart of Africa.

Any safari is a lifetime journey captured in memories. 🙂 🙂

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