Step into a real world nature intrigue, marvel at the magnificent golden savannahs and vast plains harboring world’s Most threatened wildlife species, look back into the origins of mankind and discover the ancient artifacts, immerse yourself in the underwater world in Diani, stroll down white sandy beaches and get lost in the dense forests tracking lions then raise your hand and say Kenya is perfect, unique and full of diversity. 


Black represents the people of Kenya; each and every one of us is a big part of Kenya’s formation.

Red represents blood, the shed that was to fight for the voice of our country, to fight for peace, rights and democracy.

Green represents natural wealth, the massive farms and agriculture being our economic pillar; the land is a representative of our foundation, the roots where we grow from.

White represents Peace, this being the most important and greatest abiding factor its represented twice on our flag.

Between any Kenyan being superior and blood shed the line you should only cross is peace. Between having wealth and shedding blood for wealth the line you should only cross is Peace. The Maasai shield and spears represent the defense of freedom. The freedom to be truly Kenyan and have all basic rights yet still to do not cross the white lines “PEACE”. Defend our country from losing it, but the only way we can do that is having unity and peace with each other.

This post was a totally different idea yesterday but then while writing, it crossed my mind today was one of those days in history where we choose what and where our country should head after today 8/8/2017, where our future is , what policies benefit this great nation and how we Kenyans should voice what we stand for. Personally am not voting and I hope someone will understand when I say this. I know there are other many people like me who didn’t see the need. Majorly it’s because I didn’t personally read any manifesto and apart from the loud politics on TV I have no idea what “WHO” and “WHO” are all about. Deep down I didn’t understand what my vote would voice for, so I basically let those who understand voice their rights for me. I hope in the next 5 years I will have a voice.

While you are voicing your democratic right I hope you have Our Country Kenya in Mind, beyond your fatherland and “mother tongue” there’s so much more to this country that is represented out there to the outside world. No one knows Kenya by a tribe, but by our Flag. At the end of the day it’s the Pride of Kenya or just maybe we are all Maasai and our heritage is rich.



Where we come from is what makes us different individuals but how we integrate our differences is what builds us. The world views Kenya as “The great Maasai country” and yes we are. We are 47 tribes rich, bringing all our cultures together and still representing Kenya. We are friendly all the way from the southern Swahili culture, to the Samburu and Turkana nomadic culture at the North, to the Fishing Luo culture to the west and the Somali culture to the East it’s all centralized by the Maasai culture in Nairobi. We are pastoralists, farmers, traders and fishermen, we are Christians and Muslims but we are all still Kenyans. Up-close and personal experiences with the Maasai, traditional dances and meals in ceremonies at the Swahili towns or just a chilled out afternoon to learn beadwork from Samburu women is just a slice on Kenyan rich culture.


Spectacular coral formations protruding from the turquoise blue calm waters in Watamu, massive dense green landscapes, wilderness and arid lands dominated by rich natural habitats, sandy beaches , snowy mountains melting ice down to the rivers flowing to the savannah plains offer the most breathtaking views. Finding your way through a forest or hiking up a mountain, driving through a muddy and bushy savannah and camping out in the acacia woods of a massive plain is why Kenya is your ultimate destination. From the highest Mount Kenya peaks to the deepest Indian Ocean depths Kenya gives you a stunning magical experience.


The big five roaming freely around the only capital city’s National park, Millions of Wildebeest migration into the Maasai Mara, or the iconic elephants silhouettes blowing up at the Amboseli foothills at one of the greatest Mountains in Africa, The millions of pink flamingoes devouring over the Lakes of the Great Rift valley, or the Man eating lions at Tsavo, World’s Last Northern white Rhino in Laikipia there’s nothing better than a Kenyan game safari. Kenyan game parks offer you the best bush adventures, with diverse wildlife species in every park and inimitable safaris in every conservancy.


Step into Fort Jesus in Old Town Mombasa like a soldier ready to defend your country from enemies. Ancient architecture and stories of each culture are well portrayed in museums and archeological sites. The history of Kenyan tribes thriving, fight for freedom, early identities and cultures that are no longer preserved in the modern society tell one of the greatest African stories. Kenya has a story, what makes this country what it is today, the scars and the medals acquired along the way.


Urbanization, Modernization and how capitalism has changed our economy. Businesses manifesting in every town, projects changing our towns and as much as we are still a developing country we are one of the greatest stories of change. Business ideas and potential to be tapped all over the place, abundant resources yet to be put to use but rapidly rising infrastructure . And if you are here to indulge our diversity you can tell by Kenya’s remarkably quality accommodation and services.

Democracy is a weapon and a shield for survival when you get it, hold it close.
Peace as we mark history.

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