“Europe is my birthplace, America is my home, Africa is where my heart is.”  Is what the really outspoken and self-driven Cedric states out clearly when you meet him.  Working and Living in New York I got to share a day with him on a project to discover Africa and share its beauty with the rest of the world.

Apart from making friends who we share interests with, we had a really good time, meaningful conversations and comparisons of the different places we’ve been to.  We are both into promoting African and passionate about travel and putting the African continent out there. By coincidence we both wore African shorts that day 🙂 too much, I know, right?

Hey 🙂 Cedric 🙂Actually I think we need a guest post on your recent African adventure 🙂 (Also this will be different).

Having come into Kenya from his vacation trip in Kigali- Rwanda, which he kept talking about. I got to do a Kenyan collaboration, “Quick Nairobi Tour” with him a few days ago after linking up with him from Instagram(DMs, you know right.) 2 months ago. 

With the opportunity of creating the day’s Itinerary and Armed with a professional videographer (which was really making me uncomfortable 🙂 cause am not used to being on the spot like that, its a Kardashian’s thing, right?) and 2 of his friends we set foot to unwrap Nairobi. Well, i’ll share the videos later but in photos here goes;



🙂 I had to start with telling you about this. I have been to the Nairobi Giraffe Manor and Centre before but for a different project and got to feed the giraffes but never really got to get intimate with them. I tried out to kiss the ones at Haller Park Mombasa but couldn’t really get the courage to. So this time round my adrenaline was rushing and YEEEES.

Come here Lets Kiss. It’s cold after all.

Make sure you try it out if you get the opportunity though Cedric couldn’t let himself do it. Coward haha.                 

                                                                             FEEDING BABY ELEPHANTS.

I’ve talked about this Elephant trust before here but I’ve never really been personally there.  Rushing through traffic getting there at 11:00 a.m. Just in time to see the feeding of the orphan elephant babies at David Sheldrick’s wildlife trust the excitement hit me. I’ve never come so close to baby elephants and seen them in their so cute nature before. I took so many photos Cedric had to ask me why I took so many photos. I was just so lost in their cuteness Cedric 🙂 .    

                         NAIROBI SAFARI WALK.

Had to be the first stop of course, considering he had to feel the wildness that is the City’s Nairobi national park calling, this had to be a must stop over.  

🙂 I know I never or rarely mention my clients unless paid to but this was unique and though I’ve been debating to or not, today I figured out why not? It’s my Blogs Anniversary anyway so he won’t kill me.

I also got to meet the guys behind Turn-up travel (Very outspoken individuals promoting the African continent and customizing trips.)

You can also read about what to do on a Nairobi layover.  HERE

Thanks for reading.

Love & Love 🙂

Enjoy the cute KISSING



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