Free falling off a flying helicopter into the sea, Swooshing over forest canopies on a zip-line, Cord hanging in air or Jumping off tall stands into shaky board-walks is as much thrilling as it is frightening. Heights trigger some kind of adrenaline that races down your body stopping you from taking that step while sending all the blood to your head to convince you it’s going to be thrilling if you leap. Am one of those people whose height phobia is not even up for discussion and If you’ve read my posts you remember me talking about my excitement for bungee jumping at the River Nile till I hit the stand and there was No way I was going to throw my life off that almost 40 meter stand to the calm deep Nile waters below. Check it out HERE

Although Am more of a wild chase bush person and maybe a little of a camouflaging adrenaline person who would rather stick to being a water junkie who can’t swim and mainly live for sun downers and sunrise silhouettes. Am intrigued by adrenaline junkies who jump off planes and take faith in the ropes holding them to safety yet still scream their lungs out for the thrill.
Having done most of the bush safari challenges and looking for a new thrilling experience ,There are quite a number of activities in Kenya that would trigger your high adrenaline and I thought I should share with you some of these extreme sports activities.


This has to top it all because we all somehow love beaches and apart from diving for an ocean swim off a boat, diving off a plane into the air and massive ocean below while rushing down trusting only on your parachute to give you a safe landing is the best other way to enjoy your vacation in coast. Sky Diving in Diani is one of the top rated tourist activities in south coast and the breathtaking views of the sparkling beach and small islands while you scream your way down are a lifetime memorable experience. More info: Sky Dive Diani

Photo source: Skydive Diani


BUNGEE Jump at the Galana River.

A free fall off a 60m tall stand into the river Sagana with only a cord keeping you from being submerged into the brown waters at Rapids camp is a lifetime thrilling experience for any adrenaline junkie. But it isn’t over until the frightening numerous bounces after your fall that make your stomach churn a large bit start. Ensure you head over to Sagana. More Info http: At Rafting in Kenya.

Photo source: Rafting in Kenya.

ZIP LINING in Kereita Forest.

Fly past birds, dense green forest canopy, open valleys and have the intriguing forest views from above and a bird’s eye view of Aberdare ranges. With six international safety standards Zip lines approximately 2.2 Kms lasting approximately 2 hours over a lush 80metres tall nature trail persistently calling, the zip lines will take your breath away but at least fill you with the fresh mountain air to last a lifetime memory. More info: at Flying Fox

Photo source: Miles Africa.

Limuru Zip Lining: The Damn Red hill Limuru
Machakos Zip Lining: 300 meters Machakos People’s park,
Sagana Zip Lining: Over Tana River at Sagana.

High Ropes tight walking at Diguna, Rongai.

The thrill and adventure when Fastened belts around your waist is all you got between high suspended ropes and trying to skip from one rusty rope to another or swing and jump onto loosely suspended wooden planks until you miss and swing in air like a bat is satisfying for any adrenaline rush. Perfect for a Saturday escapade adventure that doesn’t involve driving away from the City.

Photo source: Daily Kenya Blog



The 6:00 am Balloon lift off at Governor’s camp Maasai Mara is your ultimate destination for any safari. It is not much adrenaline pumping but it is the ultimate air experience .Being swayed by the wind chasing the sunrise and floating over herds of elephants and wildebeest trying to outdo each other on the morning catch. The bird’s eye view of the Maasai Mara plains, diverse wildlife beneath and the breathtakingly refreshing rare wildlife activities are worth every penny you pay for this ride. More info at: Governors Camp.

What are other height Adrenaline activities available in Kenya? Which one would you most prefer?
But if you are not a height person look out for my water games activities On my next post  for some adrenaline thrill 🙂 🙂

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