‘Throws banana over the fence’, Chimp stands on two limbs, grabs banana, peels,eats and *SLAP*  peel lands on my Face.

Well welcome  to Olpejeta Chimpanzee Sanctuary i guess.

It then grabs a stick and tries to Collect nuts under the electric fence.Its too sharp to know Never shall you try to touch the fence. After its done eating it stares a little to see if we are giving more then lies down sideways staring and making faces at us.

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Well let’s talk about Chimpanzees. The Olpejeta Sweetwaters  chimpanzee sanctuary is an award winning  Chimpanzee sanctuary and  is actually the only one in Kenya and quite remarkable in East Africa.

These animals can stand and walk on two limbs upright, eat like you by using some hand tools, they know how to pose for a camera or hide so you don’t take a photo of them, and yes they know the electric fence is dangerous.

They can play games with you, ape you in everything you do, they are literally you and the fun bit of watching these animals is their  intelligence part “Totally human” and this is  experience, you  don’t want to miss.

I don’t know if you can tell the difference between a baboon, monkey, ape or chimpanzee if u saw them in the forest, because as for me the only one am sure of is a chimpanzee, you can just say those tips and lessons  by the tour guides were not in vain.

A chimp is the most intelligent species and  closest relative of a human being. Yes just look at the picture below and believe you me that animal is sharing 98% of genes with you. It might be even your cousin if you follow closely.

With the chimpanzee originally from tropical forests, which have mostly now diminished due to our destructive nature well the chimp is extinct in the natural forest and hence efforts to conserve these amazing animals in sanctuaries. You should definately head over to  Olpejeta

I then throw an  avocado over the fence,when it grabs this time, *Clever girl*  i walk away before the avocado seed lands on my head.

Off we go to see Other animals.

On any trip, your company is the determinant of how much fun you have, and of  Awesome company I had a friend called Ellie and she couldn’t hear the end of being called Ellie the elephant.

Elephants are all over the park and you can’t leave Olpejeta without coming across at least twenty, they even have an Elephant Bridge where Olpejeta elephants can read, I promise they have sign posts on the elephant bridges.

I was lucky to witness one drink water and it’s amazing how these experiences make me feel , Well Our God is an artist and each creature is different..

The wild Tallest; ‘Giraffe’ , Buffalos, Grevy Zebras.wild dogs and waterbucks are also some of the animals I came across.

Before you leave make sure you check out the Morani information Centre to learn more about olpejeta , livestock-wildlife integration(there’s actually much to learn on this), and the Hippo hide to check out the hippos.

I also came across a variety of Birds, Ostrich being one of them and this beautiful one is the male one.

The game drives, Nature trails, Animal tracking and monitoring was just all worth it. I can never forget I have shoes I stopped wearing after I fell five times in them while doing the forest walks tracking elephants. I also got to observe Elephant and Lion collaring and Long live rangers; because the adrenaline out there during that activity is not life wanting. There’s just so much that goes in on the forest that you can never have recorded on clips or movies because the most random part is the most exciting part.

Am sorry I might have left out your favorite animal but Please take a trip to Nanyuki have an amazing wild experience and come back share with us. Of Sunrises and sets the weather was not so charming on my stay but, here we are waiting for the elephants to cross on one of the days.

Have you been to Olpejeta before? What was your experience like?

Love n Love.

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