Rolling over, teething out, getting territorial, developing more touch, learning how to speak for itself and to outstand as a brand, WILD ROAMERS is Officially 4 months old. Still eyeing my African dream town, ‘CAPE TOWN’ and the beautiful Table Mountains.  I’ve been stuck on the road more than I’ve slept, completed my first ever Mountain climbing, Sailed on dangerous canoes, captured my first moon, camouflaged into an Islam woman, had the worst constipation for bad eating, captured more sunsets, chased more sunrises and waterfalls yet am still so focused on the journey  and the horizon.What! It seems just like the other day we brought forth this baby. Four months is a little time to determine where or how the baby will grow but I can tell you, this is the most crucial time for any foundation and so far it is unshakable. Sleepless weekends have become a norm, especially since I have to juggle between my hectic formal day job during the week and try to be creative, travel and write on weekends.

I haven’t shared my bucket list places on a list but I do throw them randomly on posts and I decided maybe today would be a good day to share. Then again I looked at those images and the story of how they get me shivering and it would take a very long post, which I would have to do differently next Monday. LOOK OUT!

I vividly remember when I was starting to think about this blog, actually 2 years ago when the currently famous local fashion blogs were starting. I had an idea, I didn’t know how to visualize, or put it into place. My friend Mike the developer of it kept telling me not to give up on what I want since I kept talking about it. Right now I wish I’d started it back then, but then again Gods timing is best and am glad at where we are.

Both of us were the reason we kept pushing it. He had a job, I had No money to pay him to create my idea into a tangible something and he had to really find time to create it at least for free. Then I kept pushing him and he kept giving dates, at some point I got mad and he got mad back  that I wasn’t  understanding  the work that goes into it and considering I wasn’t paying him yet.

Hey Mikey 🙂 we made it.Now four months old and I can testify the work is not easy. They never gave a manual that told me blogging was hard and should be a full-time job especially TRAVEL BLOGGING. Recently, I was chatting up with my friends how hard it is to visualize your dream yet that’s the only thing that makes you happy. I mean you get stuck in traffic because people are driving and where do you think they got the cars? WORK. Should they stop working just because traffic is annoying and they don’t want to own good cars and add to traffic that is already so annoying?Most of my friends are avid readers of my blog and I even sent my Dad a link once, and it goes without saying that; when you are asked for the link first thing on every Monday morning then it feels like you have bosses who are looking at your work and there’s never a sleeping moment at work. That post has to be there every Monday Morning. And hey here it is 🙂 The fun bit of it is every time I grab a bag into the car, the story just flows. I don’t even ever think of how am going to write about that specific trip but the story naturally flows,  because out there,  there’s always something new to see, eat, do or experiment. There’s always a new person and a new adventure and that flames up my spirit.The challenging moments are clients who want specific things done their way and trust me you have to deliver. The joy is always to have a happy client and I thank God for my creativity. The experiences have been amazing so far, the work fruitful and the vacations that are work have quite been a learning experience.If I have to confess, I always thought fashion blogging was ‘THE LIFE’, and I still think it is but in an easier taste. You have a photographer who takes your awesome photos then  edits them, and all you have to do is post them up with some citing of where to shop for that and SNAP! It’s done.  I didn’t think about the money put to get the clothes and pay the photographers for their creativity.Travel Blogging is somehow different. You are the creator, editor, writer, and your own photographer and sometimes even your own sponsor; you have to be creative and so natural about everything. The place you visit has been visited by probably millions of people before you but you have to create your own story, your personal adventure and share it to the world be it good mostly or bad at times.Every morning I step out of bed I know exactly where Wild roamers is headed, what’s best for my baby and what’s not. Greatest of them all is you my Lovely readers, the emails, advice, responses and comments are all that we need to grow as a family.

Keep Reading and giving feedback.

Thanks and Much Love.

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