From Car breakdowns in a foreign land in the middle of a freezing night, to complete oil spillage in an abandoned forest path with no Petrol station in sight,  harsh border treatment for hours in the scorching heat, to a Camera ocean swim, *rather splash*, ” Yes the ocean waves decided they have to showcase their salty water to my camera then it shut down.” Chasing breathtaking sunsets while missing out on all Sunrises, Hey 🙂 it’s been a full clock, I mean, I know I’ve missed you guys so much just as I’ve missed blogging. It’s been 4 weeks and to be honest as much as it seems just the other day it feels like 3 generations to me. That was a well deserved break and everyone deserves a halftime to re-energize, refocus, review and reinforce strategy to get it full. It hasn’t been really a halftime blast but a sequence of events in between miles.

Good thing is, its officially midyear and also half year into blogging. Yeeees! Papa I made it. Why do we always shout “Yes mama” yet some of us are fond of our Dads anyway? I need to figure that out. Not to sound feminist, but yet success is always associated with our fathers genes, and any failure thrown at our Mothers for bad raising, what’s the logic that applies to that theory?

This year I’ve managed to travel a lot by midyear. Being able to go back to all the places I’d wished I’d go back to has been the greatest joy and to live telling those stories again is a blessing. To 26 more weeks of unraveling Google maps and creating awesome stories. Cheers 🙂

As I mentioned in my previous post, blogging hasn’t been that easy. Am not whining but Making sure posts are up by 4 am on Sucker Mondays is a choice I made and have to live with, at least till my creativity runs out. While you are at it, *Grabs Diary to review and memorize my 2017 year goals*. Am not any different from you and by now of course I already forgot most of them, marked others as halfway achievable and totally crossed some out as early as week one. This is a sad story of Drained hopes and dreams that we all have to go through. Am even thinking, what in the jungle was i thinking writing some of these goals, i can’t even remember what some of them mean and yet this has been my story for the last twenty something years.

Travel blogging has led me to do stuff I didn’t know I’d do, To travel alone comfortably, talk to strangers confidently,  maximize adventure out of the most boring places, crawling my way into getting favors but most of all being comfortable in my own skin, being proud of what I do and doing it passionately. I’ve taught myself much discipline in terms of time, decision making and choices that influence my career.

There are a number of lows but I’ve woken up every week for the last 26 to write something, with a new idea and plan. I’ve looked back but only wished I started blogging 2 years ago when that idea was in my head. I was scared then , had almost zero liking on my social media posts, I was busy trying to figure out why life was unfair to me, kept hoping out of jobs, had very minimal hope of life and whatever wishes and plans I had for my future but I got out stronger and better. I never mention I even checked into therapy after a traumatizing breakup.  

This year I celebrated my 25th Birthday, and I can Never thank God enough for where I am today. Mostly for all the meaningful relationships and my network. I didn’t picture all this a year ago. I’d just say there’s always hope to those of us who’ve been at the bottom of it all and couldn’t figure your way out.

Much appreciation to my readers, remember to *TICK* the New post notification icon (at the bottom) and as always your feedback is appreciated. It’s what wakes me up every Monday. If you are reading my blog for the first time then Hey 🙂  , you are in the right place. I write about travel mostly but randomly do reviews and when it pinches most I write about a random topic. Like i just might write about my current crave for International Rugby matches because my team smashed someone 100-10 points.

Talking about what i Love and the best escapades has turned me into more of an explorer, every opportunity is always maximised and as much as i love all my posts some of my most interesting and 5 most read posts this past season are:

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To an achieving Year and polishing out the goals already halfway, *Positivity*  🙂

Till next Monday, 🙂 🙂 🙂

Prayer for Peace, Love and Unity for my country.

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