Sitting in the house bored on a weekend is one of my worst nightmares. You probably wouldn’t understand the “Single living people” problems but cooking is not one of them, the movies start to be boring, social media is not interesting anymore and then you become miserable. Ha-ha!! But a housemate is the last thing I want.

Anyway,I thought some rock playing for a break from the parks and waters today wouldn’t hurt. I am a weirdo when it comes to finding fun in small stuff and am always good at it as long as it doesn’t involve being stuck in the house. This was one weekend where we just drove off from Eldoret without any plan or final destination. You know those road trips that lead you to places you didn’t even think of, well this was one of them and it led us to the border of  Baringo county.

Have you watched “Legion of fire:Killer ants” well probably not for the faint heart, but we came across this anthill and i thought of all the movies i’ve watched where humans are fed on by ants. Ooh! i never told you i Love horror movies, the way my heart skips and gets my adrenaline rushing is just what i need in all movies. Hahaha! we tried even throwing stones inside the anthill to trigger their movement, without even thinking what if we rattle a snake,  neither of them showed up anyway.

We drive through Iten (look out for my Kerio Valley weekend experience) over to Chebloch gorge Baringo County. The gorge is exactly at the border between Elgeyo Marakwet and Baringo and just on your way to Kabarnet form Eldoret. It was formed as a result of the Rift Valley volcanic activity and its now a small tourist attraction , telling by the number of tourist and schools we find here.

Most people are on a drive and just stop over to look at the beautiful Gorge, rocks, the river flowing in between the cliffs and divers and have some lunch at the restaurant on the cliff. You could make quite a number of stop overs on this road by the way cause the views are just amazing.

On one side of the Eldoret-Kabarnet road are the divers and on the other side is where the high cliff gorge starts.  We walk down to the river and head over to the gorge.

There is a small kid around 10 years here practicing to be a diver I guess, (Where did we even grow up?”) He shows us his expertise by making different moves while diving (I don’t even have words for that). We are amazed at what he can do, and he does it for free but we buy him lunch because he really deserved it.

We then decide to Rock climb. Not even sure if people do that here or have they done it before, but I have crazy people for friends. They just start climbing with no ropes by the way. We are not even sure it’s safe or rocks can fall but we just climb anyway. Well the most memorable experiences are the most risky and random things you do in life.

The rocks are around 15metres high or more and we made it with no one getting hurt and the experience was worth it. If you plan on going to Chebloch make sure you rock climb but don’t fall or look down. We are actually the only people who do that, the other people just stare at us.

At the top of the rocks is where trouble is, the rocks are burning. You know Baringo is hot, now imagine a black stone heated in the super sun the whole afternoon? We left our shoes down at the river and there’s no way back because then you might slide and fall and we’ve already taken enough risk. We only have the option of walking on the burning rocks round the top of the gorge upto the tarmac and unto the other side.

There’s a resort at the top of the gorge accessible from the tarmac and its fenced leaving a very narrow path for us to walk on.

Here you are stuck on burning hot rocks, you can’t run nor walk fast because one small slide and you are down to the gorge. We hold unto the barbed wire fence walk for a while but I can’t anymore, my legs are now hurting. I go over the fence into the resort

At least there’s some soil though it’s also hot but at least it’s better than burning stones and I can skip and run. I apologise to the security sit and buy a drink to make up for trespass; I gulp it and run over to the gate and to the tarmac. I now have blisters and can’t walk well, it’s like 200metres over to where we left shoes and the road is also burning. I just have to send someone, so I sit on a small acacia shade and wait. I got foot blisters after this by the way but I would do it again and again.

We then head over to the other side to see the divers where there is a group of boys aged 15-25 who earn their living by diving into the gorge. I’ve always envied divers, they make diving look so cool and these are the times i wish i was a type of fish, but yeah you can be good in everything “Clal” and swimming  is not one of them.

They ask people to pay some money then they jump from a high cliff into the water like 3-5 times. They then disappear in the water for a while which is scary cause you think they’ve drowned then reappear at the other end of the river.

There is no tour guide here so it’s upon you to make and find your own fun. We didn’t get much of the history about the gorge though. The locals also do fishing in that river (never mind the water colour)  but mainly its mud fish.

I’ve been to Baringo before on my visit to Lake Baringo, which apart from the lake visit, boat ride and fish eating there is really not much to say, well at least not now. The lake is in a remote area but it was quite some fun and experience. I lost my photos later on though but I have a few I’ll share on a different post.

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Okay Till next time,

Love and Love.

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