As Alan Keightley puts it “Once in a while it really hits you that you don’t have to experience the world in the way you have been told to”, Just take the memories and leave the footprints and Oh , the places you’ll go is not down in any map, true places never are.

What you need

New motivation, a better Plan, new activities and goals, highest level of flexibility. A Constant mind will never experience life and taking it from Esther Dyson, “Change means that, what was before was good but not perfect and we need perfect that’s why we do it again.

I need my mind stretched by a new experience, I’m diving for new motivation to write daily, not like am going back to my old dimensions by stopping to write soon but this Monday madness after a packed weekend is getting out of hand. I don’t know if you feel me, but if you’re here quite often reading you’ll say it’s not true, but hey we won’t act like its okay when it’s not unless you want me to lie. When you do tick something same every same time like a clock you get worn out and you need to recharge if not new energy all together. But this I talked about in my previous post reviewing what I’ve been up to Halfway through the year.

A number of times when you embark on a random trip you mostly don’t know what to expect and when you want the same trip to take you away again at least now with a clear outlay of what you want to achieve specifically it’s usually just a perfection of your fuzzy old experience.

I ran out of ideas to make my repeat trip posts new to you but thought i should perhaps share what to do on a repeat trip and the advantages of one so as to encourage you not to throw your imagination away.


Knowing what exactly to expect, what you want, when and where to find it spicing it up with your first time experience makes your planning so much easy. You get the best accommodation deals, ticket deals, best restaurants and meals and even shopping deals. You even get to avoid asking so much from people who have no clue of even what you are talking about especially if you are looking for places you found on Google. Experience is the best teacher.


This is the greatest of all achievements. Any first time in a new place especially when driving you end up at least partly lost or totally off route even for an hour while trying to find your way to the best place for a certain activity or shopping around for better deals and If you save all that lost time you can do so much In the shortest available time. This helped me write my 10 Ultimate Reasons to visit ‘The Pearl of Africa’, KAMPALA after I was here on my 2nd visit.


I don’t know why I’ve been to Coast more times than I can remember but I know it’s the satisfaction that comes with it every time I’ve been there. So do i share the same compliments for Naivasha. There are too many times I’ve told my friends am not going back to Naivasha cause it’s enough than I’ve kept quiet about going back. Every time I go back to the places I’ve been to before I find something new, some more intriguing adventure and a better experience of even the experiences i had before.

I went back to Jinja and I know I can’t write about it again but you can read about the first time HERE and  HERE and apart from redoing the same experiences I had better fun this time, avoided unnecessary expenses and got better deals from everything I did. Am not saying it will be perfect, Mistakes will be there but not as many as the 1st time.


If it’s an outside country trip, no one gives you a manual of what is really expected of you at the immigration and even the new country you’re going to, things like if you are traveling by road by private means, then you need to clear the car you are driving are only told to you at the border. I’ve seen people leave their cars at the border and have to find other means of transport, so have I seen people waste hours and hours trying to get clearance at the border for lack of necessary clearance requirements, and if not to make it worse I’ve had to personally part with a huge amount of money at the border just to let them give me a leeway of something (Not even so important), I couldn’t get in order at that specific day before I get clearance. How corruption sucks! I’ d say the second trip was so much easier knowing exactly what they needed and where to even get it done.


How do you stay successful? “Making right decisions.”

How do you make right decisions? “Experience.”

How do you get the experience? “Making wrong decisions.”

Of course your first experience on any place a trip takes you opens up your mind, changes your perspective but if you reject the food, fear the religion, avoid the people and have a fixed mind, negative to change then better just stay at home. Your first experience will always help you make the right decisions on everything that includes even going back or picking it up for someone.

And then do I add Language barrier at times. Making assumptions of say East Africans can speak English would not be so much of a good idea. Like half percent of the locals in Uganda wouldn’t even understand what you are saying to them in English or Swahili. But don’t mind, be open minded, just go rumble gamble.

That said and done it’s all a worthwhile experience. Just putting it out there, if you take me to Santorini (Greece) 9 times I still wouldn’t say no to the 10th. 🙂 🙂

Till the next safari 🙂 🙂

Enjoy the photos you won’t see on a new post.

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