“Read books to give you knowledge about the world but travel to experience the Art of Life for The world is a book and those who do not travel have only one page. The essence of travel is to stumble upon one thing while in pursuit of another and a good traveller has no fixed plans nor the intent of arriving but on making the best out of every place on your way to the unknown.”


I travel not to go anywhere, but to just go away because I discover the world, create new experiences and create a new me every time I go away.

As a nomad I am not the same having seen the sun rise and set on the other side of the world. Travel has turned me into a storyteller and what I have experienced is the exact opposite of what they said it would be because I want to wake up and experience the same feeling over and over. It is Different, new, exciting and refreshing every other single day.

Welcome to My site. 🙂

Am Clalffin and if there’s anything I wish for is to wake up and see the sun rise in a new place every day, Because that magical moment takes my soul away, Gives me life and satisfaction to life.


Beauty of Travel


The Maasai mara, Diani Beach, Hell’s Gate National Park, Olpejeta Conservancy, Jinja-Kampala, Source of the River Nile-Uganda, Lake Naivasha, The Fancy Hotels or a random roadtrip from Nairobi to Mombasa; I am so ready with my bags,its all on you to choose.

I look around me and what I see is Art. The world is a beautiful place and just like art how you see it determines how you perceive it. Our Creator is a Super Artist, have you looked at the sunrise or sunset everyday and seen how today’s is different from yesterday’s and More amazing if u watch it from different places .Well I give you the challenge to try out, watch the sunrise for atleast 2 days then Please come back and tell me how it felt.

Meanwhile I want a date with you every now and then as I embark on telling you an interesting  adventure, Captured moments and feelings as presented by wild explorations, wild Risks, Experimentation and Lots of travel experiences, photo stories and art pieces.

Do you want to travel with me and unwind, grab a bag, sunglasses, Sneakers, a water bottle and a shawl and let’s go to the furthest destination while breaking to have a glance of the Beautiful sceneries on our way to the unknown. Don’t forget the Sunsets and sunrises as my favorite parts of the day and I promise they will be yours too. Who hates the feeling of a new beginning or the end of a hard day and promise of a better tomorrow? I Guess No one, totally refreshing.


I forgot to tell you we don’t need a plan all we need is a map and an open mind to new adventures and experiences.

What’s your definition of a holiday get away? Everyone loves a vacation but the biggest worry is will I Afford it, YES of course you will. You don’t have to think about the Five star at the beach yet  there are a million more pieces, interesting places and locations waiting to be discovered,where you can have fun and relax while on a strict budget without even worrying about it.Well You don’t have to be Rich to travel well.

Serenity of a place is determined by that amazing feeling you get when you look at a natural landscape and get refreshed from the fresh air it gives you to the relief of being a way from the rest of the world and being in your own zone.

This is going to be a travel diary of mostly natural landscapes, historic sites, culture, wildlife, hotels and camp sites and my addiction of Sunsets and Rises focusing on daytime roadtrips, weekend getaways to week vacations.

Pack a Bag, Come Lets Art These Travel Experiences Together.